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week 1

Thursday please print and complete 'a' on page 2 and 'c' on page 4.

Thursday - Please use the lined holiday writing frame to tell me about your Christmas holidays. You might just choose to write about what you did on Christmas day. Up to you!


Please continue with the same booklet as yesterday

Please print and complete 'd' on page 5 and 'g' on page 8


Friday - Please use your holiday writing frame from yesterday. Make sure that each section is written in a sentence with a capital letter, finger spaces and a fullstop. Now can you put your sentences together to retell your holiday? Please choose what you will be aiming for - Bronze - 2 or 3 sentences, Silver - 4 sentences or Gold - 5 sentences or more. Keep checking that you have CL and FS. Draw a lovely picture in the space above. Keep your work in a safe place so we can share them next week.

Weekly Spellings to be learnt for NEXT Friday (please contact Mrs O'Brien if your child has forgotten their group)