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Personal, Social, Health Education

Personal, Social and Health Education Subject Leaders are Mrs O'Brien and Mrs Griffith


Our curriculum intent for PSHE is that children will:

  • develop effective relationships
  • develop increasing independence and physical and social awareness
  • gain knowledge to manage their health, wellbeing and personal safety
  • gain knowledge to make safe and informed decisions for themselves and for others
  • develop a sound understanding of risk
  • make an active contribution to their community
  • develop their use of language when exploring and discussing themes


At Holy Trinity, the PSHE education programme constantly evolves as the world changes but many of the concepts covered are timeless. 

Pupils will be taught and have the opportunity to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs about key issues and develop the skills, language and strategies to manage any issues they may encounter in their lives.  Our programme is designed to support our pupils to thrive in a time of rapid change, with new and unpredictable opportunities and challenges constantly emerging.


Overarching concepts developed through the PSHE Programme of Study


1. Personal identity

2. Relationships

3. A healthy balanced lifestyle

4. Risk

5. Diversity and equality

6. Rights and responsibilities

7. Change and resilience

8. Power and effect

9. Career