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Thursday World Book Day


For your English lesson today, I have asked you to listen to one of my favourite stories. Then I have asked you to choose your favourite story and write a book report using one of the templates. You can choose to continue to do this or choose to do a different activity. I have had a bit more of a think since planning your work last week and decided to give you a few different options. So here are your choices:


1. Write a book report using one of the templates provided.

2. Make a video of your book report.

3. Choose your favourite scene from your story and paint or draw a picture.

4. Make a potato character from your favourite book, like Luna ( We will discuss in registration)

5. Make a freeze frame of your favourite scene using a shoe box.

6. Use playdoh or Lego to create your favourite scene.

7. Design your perfect fancy dress outfit for your character. This could just be a drawing or if you have the resources, you could dress up.

8. Redesign the front cover of your story and write a blurb for the back cover.

9. Come up with your own idea!

10. Make a ChatterPix, using the app like the teachers did in the Masked Reader. Just look in the Appstore to download ChatterPix.


What ever you choose, have fun and please send in a photo or video of your activity to Mrs Rhodes. 



Please watch Rev Jon's Collective Worship for this week.

This is Week 2 - Week beginning 1st March.

Could all children please have their whiteboard and pen ready for every session.

Focus groups for this week will be Maths again. Can all children please have their hundred square, number line and counting objects ready. (counting up to 30 items)

The piece of work that I would like emailed in this week will be a photo of your creature made from nature set for Topic on Monday. I would like to make a display of these in the classroom when we are back in school. 


Please also send in a photo or video of your World Book Day activity.



Have a great week.

Mrs Rhodes smiley





Please find all  that you need for Spring term 2 under the large star icon below.
Previous planning and tasks from Spring term 1.