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Remote Learning

Friday 18th February


Please practise reading and writing your Tricky Words - how many can you get right today in 10 minutes?

Watch Mog's Christmas Calamity and discuss - Was he really a hero? Can you remember everything that went wrong? Can you write a list of accidents he caused?

Mathemagician Challenge:

Using ONE piece of paper, how long can you make a string of paper chains - how would you get your chain to be really really really long? (Can they work out that thin strips are needed) Measure and record the length and remember, you can only use ONE piece of A4 paper! Decorate them if you have time!! 

Remote learning week commencing 29th November 2021


ENGLISH:  Can you think about what other scrapes Mog could get into and write a couple of sentences describing this.  Dojo for the BEST ideas.


MATHS:  Mathletics today going over all the addition and subtraction.  


See you all on Monday!!!!  Mrs Barnes



Monday:  How many left?

Can you play the game and show me the part/whole model and write a number sentence.  


Tuesday:  I can subtract within 10?

Differentiated level worksheet for you to have a go?


Wednesday:  I can find fact families.

Using addition and subtraction - can you work out 8 different number sentences.  Choose your level and have a go!

eg:  2 + 4 = 6        4 + 2 = 6          6 = 2 + 4         6 = 4 + 2

       6 - 2 = 4        6 - 4 = 2           2 = 6 - 4         4 = 6 - 2



English:  Tuesday.

Read the Story of Mog up until the children go to bed.  What is your perfect pet?  Can you write a sentence telling me why?


English:  Wednesday - Mog the Forgetful cat 

Cut out each strip and sequence the events in the order that happened in the story.

Friday 26th November 2021 - Final day of remote learning!!!

All of today's learning is on the powerpoint below including links to youtube videos for some input from me.  We have decided there will be no homework again this week for Year 1 but if you would like to keep busy, please remember there is always Purple Mash, Bug Club and Mathletics!  A big well done to all of you this week! We made it!

(The worksheets below are optional!)

Thursday 25th November 2021

Class 1 - you have all done an amazing job at remote learning this week.  Let's keep going for the next two days.  We have got this!!!


Keep working on your Monarch Lapbook... They are looking amazing already



Maths:  I can find out how many left.

Differentiated worksheets requiring children to use the pictures to help them complete the number stories and part-whole models. Children will be challenged to write their own story / draw their own pictures.  Choose your level of activity


Gift wrap your favourite Winter/Christmas story and put them under the tree.  We will share a couple of stories each day!  

Please email your estimations today and Mrs O'Brien will announce the winner on Friday!!!

Wednesday 24th November 2021


  Nemo really enjoyed being part of Class 1 - He is just getting everywhere today!  


Wednesday Worship for Holy Trinity Primary School 24th Nov 2021

Maths:  I can add more!

Your maths yesterday Class 1 was FANTASTIC!!!  You are showing me some excellent thinking in your problem solving - so please keep it up.

Choose ONE sheet and complete the number sentences and tables to represent each story.

Choose one *** challenge card - can you prove it?


There is also a game if you want to try that too! Take turns to roll a dice and complete the calculation in the column of the number rolled. If the total is five or less - colour the square yellow, if the total is more than five, colour the square blue.


TOPIC:  I can research the life of a significant individual from the past.

A bit of a different piece of work today Class 1.  I would like you to do some research about a King or a Queen and design a Lapbook of your Monarch.  I attach a pdf version of my powerpoint to show you the stages. 

BE CREATIVE... I am so excited to see all of your designs.  These will be going straight into your topic books so please bring them in next week.  This work is for today and tomorrow - so please take your time.  We can finish these off in school too! 


Tuesday 23rd November 2021

I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces tomorrow at 9:15am.  You should have received a Teams meeting from myself or Miss Winfield to have a catch-up playdate!  See you then smiley

Maths:  I can add more

The children will explore addition and represent it in various ways such as number sentence and part-whole models.  Remember the two parts added together will make the whole.  Using a variety of equipment to help consolidate the learning (cars, teddies, lego blocks, counters, chick peas, beans - anything you have available to show the 2 parts).


Go through the presentation showing the different ways of exploring addition and then choose your level of challenge worksheet.  *    Supported,   **  Secure   *** Mastery

There is a practical activity to represent the picture cards.  Can you match them up?


**** Challenge yourself with a problem solving question - can you apply your fluency!  Have a go.  


Handwriting (Numbers 3, 4 and 5)

Warm-up the muscles in your fingers and hands with Mrs O'Brien! Practise carefully forming the numbers 3, 4 and 5. Are you forming the numbers the right way? Use the rhyme in the video to help you.


Please see tutorial for PhonicsPlay 


Revisit:  Speed Trial, click on phase3 and see how quickly you can say all the known sounds.

Practise:  Play Buried Treasure/Picnic on Pluto or Dragon’s Den.   Click on CVCC Polysyllabic Words

Apply:  Can you read these sentences?

You put a shampoo sandwich in my lunchbox.

I stuck a little windmill in this sandpit.

This frog is chomping on pondweed.



RE:  Why is Christmas important to Christians.

Please look at the Powerpoint (PDF) the file was too large to insert the audio clip and video.  So please click on individually about the birth of Jesus.  Pause the video at 1 minutes 35 seconds and I would like you to draw a picture of where Jesus was born.  I would like you to think about what is different about the way Jesus was born?  Is there anything the same? How do you think Mary felt?  Some big thinking today Class 1. 

RE Audio clip

If you take a mouse to school

Monday 22nd November 2021

So looking forward to seeing you all virtually tomorrow at 9:15am. Please check your Microsoft Teams account for your link to join in.  I know it isn't the same as being in Class 1 - I am missing you already.  We need to keep safe and get better!  Please only do work that is achievable for you all as a family.  


Reading:  Bug Club - can you answer all the bugs


ENGLISH:  Stanley's Stick

I have recorded the story below - why don't you follow the pdf story and listen to me read. 


I wonder if you can find a stick in your garden.  Here is one Mrs Barnes found.  I think mine looks a little bit like a golf club!  What can you find?  Can you write a sentence to tell me what it is?  Remember your capital letter, finger space and full stop.

Mrs Barnes reading Stanley's stick

Maths:  A Purple Mash Activity has been set as a todo - it is Bubble Bonds.

Challenge A starts with bonds to 5 

Challenge B starts with bonds to 20 (but then does go to 30 after)


Please see tutorial for PhonicsPlay 


Revisit:  Speed Trial, click on phase3 and see how quickly you can say all the known sounds.

Practise:  Play Buried Treasure/Picnic on Pluto or Dragon’s Den.   Click on Set 1-7 plus digraphs

ApplyChildren read sentences independently below then decide if the answer is yes or no.


  • Do clocks get cross?
  • Can crabs clap hands?
  • Are you fond of plums?
  • Did a shark ever jump up a tree?
  • Do trains run on tracks?
  • Will a truck go up steep stairs?
  • Can we see the stars on a clear night?
  • When you get wet, will you shrink?
  • Will trash jump from a dustbin?


Still image for this video
Can you estimate how many objects (remember up to 30) has Posie put into her jar?

Good Morning!!

Friday 19th November

We are very sad and sorry that Year 1 has had to close but we feel it is the right decision in light of the growing number of cases.  Below is the plan for the day but we understand and recognise that it might not be possible for you to do all or any. PLEASE do not worry - look after yourselves and keep safe.  There will be no set homework this week. 


Reading - Please use your Bug Club Logins to read another book and answer all the bugs!


Writing - Please practise spelling your Tricky Words (so, do, have, some, come, said, like) How many can you write correctly in 10 minutes?  Please can parents spell them WRONG eg doo, hav, sed, sum and see if the children can correct you?  We have been choosing the correct option in class - can they do it on their own now?! 


Maths - Option 1 - use dominoes to complete the sheet below - adding the 2 numbers to make a whole

OR Option 2 - practise your number bonds to 10 using the website Hit the Button below. (Choose Number Bonds and then Make 10)


Handwriting - number formation (focus on numbers 0, 1 and 2 please) if you're brave in a baking tray with flour on or on the sheet below!! 


Science - OPTIONAL we appreciate not everyone can do all of this with work commitments as well.


Use the powerpoint below to find out what happens to hedgehogs, squirrels, geese and wasps in the Autumn.

Option A) Go into the garden to make more Autumnal observations and collect Autumn leaves to make cosy homes for hibernating animals.  Things to think about: keep it out of direct sunlight or prevailing winds, make sure it is covered, don’t keep checking on it. Discuss reasons for this.  

Option B) Complete the cutting and sticking activity - which animals hibernate? 

Choose an option that works for you and your busy day and PLEASE DON'T FEEL PRESSURE TO DO ALL OR ANY OF THIS!

19th November

Thursday 18th November 2021

Hi Class 1, 

I do hope that everyone is keeping safe and well!  I am missing you lots... you are all working so hard and I have attached all the Mathletics certificates for the week.  Keep up the hard work :). Mrs Barnes


Phonics: Read and Race Consonant Game

Choose an alternative game and practise blending and segmenting these consonant clusters.  Remember to sound out each individual sound and use your finger as the sound button - this will help!  Let me know who is the winner!!!



Choose a book from Active Learn Primary (Bug Club) to read.  Try and answer all the bug questions.



Number Bond Game - Memory Pairs

There are 4 different levels.

Sheet 1 - Number bonds within 10

Sheet 2 - Number bonds within 9

Sheet 3 - Number bonds within 7

Sheet 4 - Number bonds within 5


Create your own cards if you do not have a printer (this is great number formation practise and writing of number sentences) smiley

Rules of the Game:

  • Place all the cards face down
  • Reveal 2 cards at a time.  If a matching bond is revealed you keep the pair.
  • The winner is the player with the most cards.


TOPIC:  The Role of a Monarch

I attach a Powerpoint which will need some adult support to go through about the role of a Monarch.  What rules would you create if you were King or Queen of England.  Can you design a poster and let me know how you would rule England?  What is important to you?  How are you going to be a good monarch?  What values do you think are important?  


Wednesday 17th November 2021


Phonics: Read and Roll Consonant cluster games

Practise segmenting and blending your consonant clusters (str, spl) on this roll and read game.  There are 7 different games so take one each day to practise.  Can you beat your Mum, Dad or sibling??  


Maths:  Number Bonds to 10

Review Lesson one of the Powerpoint and practise with your recall of number bonds to 10.  I have attached some worksheets of differing levels of support.  Choose your level like we do in class - 1 star is the most supported with 3 stars being the more challenging.  Use practical equipment or colour the remaining ten frame spots in a different colour.  


English: In the Tent reading comprehension

I attach a small reading comprehension with a few multiple choice questions.  Have a go and do your best!


Take care everyone


Mrs Barnes

Tuesday November 16th 2021


Maths:  Number Bonds to 10.

Draw around your hands (like we did in class last week).  Using the fingers can you arrange the number bonds in order.  eg 0+10 = 10. 1+9 = 10


Listen to the class rap and practise your pose at the end!


English:  On Sudden Hill

Read the remaining part of the story and can you write a sentence saying what you would do with the fabulous three friendship.  Practise your handwriting, remember your finger space and full stop smiley


Take care


Mrs Barnes

Class 1 number bond rap

Previous planning and tasks from Spring term 1.