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Newsletter 31 - 15th May 2020

Message from the Governors

We have been on lockdown for nearly eight weeks now and as governors, have been working with staff and carefully monitoring the new way of life that we have all had to adhere to. Firstly, we would like to thank parents, pupils and staff for working with such resolve through this very difficult time. We have all had to learn new skills and it has been incredibly unsettling for many people, affecting us all in different ways.


Governors have stayed in the background in terms of communication as there has been a huge amount of information to be shared relating to school, work and general life and we didn’t want to add to that. However, we are now, hopefully moving towards a new stage and the government directive is looking for primary schools to begin reopening with certain year groups from 1st June.


As you can imagine there are a lot of questions that are being raised and many discussions within the media surrounding this.


The Local Authority are adhering to government directives, and schools within RBWM are working together on the next steps. There are as you may imagine, numerous considerations to be addressed, the details of which Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Griffith will be sharing with you as soon as they are able to.


Clearly the issue around PPE is a big one, and although it is not being considered centrally for school settings, we have arranged for these to be available for staff, while being mindful of how this may affect pupils.


Teaching staff are working on adapting the curriculum for pupils return and they will also be closely monitoring children’s wellbeing and how they’re adapting to social reintroduction.


It is important for parents to know that the school reopening date of the 1st June was not a decision made by the school leadership team, but they are working closely with the Local Authority to ensure the return is structured for the children and staff in the best way possible. In-line with whatever the Government require, our school will be taking decisions with consideration of the four main areas of our school vision.


We are looking to provide parents with answers to as many questions as we can once processes are agreed, and where decisions are still to be made, we will endeavour to be clear. Consideration is being given to many areas such as deep cleaning, PPE, drop offs and pick-ups, parking, social distancing, clarity on pupil attendance, supporting pupils and staff’s mental health, curriculum for those in school and home schooling and how pupils will catch up, to name just a few. Please be assured that the school is working hard to address all these matters.


As has happened throughout this Covid-19 outbreak, there will be changes as we move ahead and we will all have to adapt in the best way possible. The school will do its best to share these updates as they happen, but please be patient and appreciate that we will not always have all the answers.


Thank you for your overwhelming support during this difficult time.


Mrs Aileen Boaler

Chair Of Governing Board

Coping Guides for Children, Young People and Families

Please find below a link to the East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which has put together coping guides for children, young people and families.   


If you click onto the page and then scroll down, there are 3 sections which provide information for:
·        Family Life During the Lockdown
·        5 Ways to Wellbeing
·        Young Person’s Guide
Within each of these sections, there is a link to a whole host of resources and websites which can offer support and guidance during this time. The 5 Ways to Wellbeing section, in particular, gives advice for both primary and secondary school children to help them stay positive and healthy.  We hope that some of the information will be of use to you and your families.



James has finished all of the David Walliams books including ‘The World’s Worst Teachers’!

On the Subject of Reading...

Please find below a link to a book which has been written for children who may be worried about Coronavirus. It is beautifully illustrated and will hopefully reassure some of our pupils that it is ok to feel anxious in these strange times.

And for Little Ones

Need help explaining coronavirus to children and young people?

The artist who drew the Gruffalo has recently illustrated a free online book to help you do just that. It explains what the virus is, why we are in lockdown and why schools are closed – all in a child-friendly and creative way.

You can read the book by clicking here:

What Have Year 6 Been Up To? 

Firstly Keeping Fit!

The weather has been lovely and we are so grateful for the sunshine and the opportunity to get outdoors if we can.  Where possible we have been keeping up our fitness activities and finding different ways to exercise.

Year 6 Artwork

Many of us have been exploring our creative side with different examples of artwork and projects.  Harry, Charlie, Will and TS have made their own Rainforest models. Cyrus and Henry have been creative with the Human Body and Circulatory System as well as Cyrus exploring Anthony Goldsworthy’s art.  EC, LC and NP have been exploring their artistic sides.

In the Kitchen!

Many of us have been learning new skills in the kitchen.  There will be some new entries in Junior MasterChef soon!

New Experiences

Other than cooking, we have been taking part in a whole range of other new experiences.  We’ve been online learning (individually and with friends over face time); we’ve been carrying out secret acts of kindness; we’ve been teaching each other new skills; and generally doing our best in these rather unusual times.  We hope you’re are all well and have been able to find as many positives as you can whilst learning at home.

And Finally From Year 6

It’s been a long time now that we have been apart from our friends. Some of us have had birthday surprises, some of us have been chilling out with friends we have close in our own homes and some of us are starting to find rather unusual ways and places to spend our time….