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CURRICULUM INTENT - Believe. Achieve. Inspire.



Our curriculum has been carefully designed to promote high ambition and achievement for all children.  It provides opportunities for children to work in collaboration and independently so they become confident, successful learners with high aspirations.   Our curriculum is devised through specific themes that incorporate the statutory national curriculum objectives,  our pupils ideas and other school community influences so it is broad and balanced.  We place great importance in making our curriculum relevant, inclusive, diverse, exciting and purposeful so our children develop memorable experiences and flourish.


As a Church of England school we focus on developing children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding through our core Christian values, the fundamental British values, and the PSHE curriculum.  We place an emphasis on promoting and teaching about inclusivity and diversity in our curriculum.  We actively promote the children's health and well-being and value pupil voice so they make a valuable contribution towards shaping their education, their community and the future of their school.


‘I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.’  Ecclesiastes 3:12




All our team of teachers are trained to at least degree level and have qualified teaching status.  They are experienced in planning and delivering a high quality primary curriculum with ambitious expectations for achievement. Our teaching support  staff receive training in curriculum delivery and  also make a valuable contribution to children’s outcomes.   The team ethos is one of  ambitious aspirations, passion and dedication towards raising standards to improve outcomes for all  the children while making learning enjoyable and memorable.



  Believe. Achieve. Inspire.


At Holy Trinity CE Primary School the curriculum is carefully planned using themes which allows subjects to link together and create a holistic approach to learning.  This enables our curriculum to have:


  • Breadth with a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills being explored and taught.
  • Balance so there is sufficient time being allocated to each subject area of learning.
  • Enrichment which covers many areas of learning that creates enjoyment, interest and enthusiasm.
  • Relevance linked to the child’s own experience and interests and in today’s world and the society in which we live.
  • Differentiation so it is personalised and matches a child’s aptitudes and abilities to what is being taught.  
  • Depth so learning goes beyond the tasks and activities and becomes memorable to the individual.



Some of our curriculum themes are planned as a whole school, within a phase group or for a specific year group.  This enables classes to plan and  work together as well as share costs and resources to improve and expand opportunities and experiences.




Curriculum Topics 2021-2022

All the statutory national curriculum objectives for each subject are broken down in to Age-Related Expectations (ARE) for each year group to achieve.  These are incorporated into topics throughout the year so teachers ensure full curriculum coverage.  Please see your child's year group expectations for the year from the list below.

The National Primary Curriculum


PE, physical education and sport are an important part of a child's development. Therefore, we’re supporting our capacity of PE and activity at Holy Trinity each year, by investing in local cluster sporting events which will increase opportunity for our pupils to participate in physical activity and competition.
Delivery of high-quality PE across the school is providing our pupils with greater opportunities to learn through active teaching, supported by our new and evolving facilities, which provide an excellent platform for develop physically literate pupils.

We want our pupils to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise, with the aim of developing mental, social and personal qualities that are promoted through physical activity. Qualities such as resilience, independence and the ability to work as part of a team will be promoted through the school year in an engaging curriculum.