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At Holy Trinity, we follow 'Essentials Letters and Sounds' (ELS) a DfE approved scheme to teach phonics.  ELS was created to ensure every child reads well, quickly.


What is ELS?


ELS is a SSP (Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme) which is designed to teach children how to read through the act of decoding and blending.

An SSP teaches children the link between the sounds of our language (phonemes) and the written representation of these sounds (graphemes), or the spellings of the sounds contained within the English language. Essential Letters and Sounds is a complete Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme (SSP).


Essential Letters and Sounds…


  • is delivered to the whole class
  • combines continuous and reactive assessment
  • provides robust intervention
  • is rigorous and engaging
  • supports teachers to ensure the lowest attaining children keep up rather than catch up.

ELS Online Lesson Walkthrough

This video talks you through a lesson structure example of Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) found on ELS Online. Essential Letters and Sounds is a synthetic systematic phonics (SSP) programme developed for teachers by teachers. Find out more:

phase_2_pronunciation (1080p).mp4

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phase_3_pronunciation (1080p).mp4

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Phase 5 Pronunciation