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Inter-school Competition

Years 5 & 6 Girls Football at The Marist 


The girls played against A teams from Reddham House, The Marist, St. Bernard's, South Ascot and the Dolphin School. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and represented Holy Trinity brilliantly. 


Years 5 & 6 Girls and Boys Football Teams at Braywick - November 2023


Our boys team came fifth out of eight teams, winning three matches and drawing two. Our girls team two of their matches and drew one. 

Years 5 & 6 Swimming Gala at St. George's - October 2023


Years 5 & 6 Football Tournament at Charters - October. Our A Team came 3rd out of nine teams. Well done everyone! 



Years 5 & 6 boys football matches against St. Michael's - October 2023

Team A won their match 4 - 1 and Team B drew theirs 1 - 1. Well done boys!