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Newsletter 18 - 27th January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

A huge well done to the youngest members of our School Family this week, Reception Class, for their wonderful Class Assembly.


There has been a lot going on in school this week – Y4 and Y5 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Ufton Court on Tuesday to further explore their learning about the Romans and The Saxons. Experiences like this really help to cement knowledge in the children’s memories about their learning so that they are able to recall it at a later date.


Reception Class and KS1 also enjoyed the production of Burglar Bill from the visiting theatre company this week.


The Digital Leaders visited St George’s school yesterday to take part in an EdTech Google Festival. Very inspiring!


We look forward to welcoming Year 5’s parents to their class assembly next Tuesday 31st January. You’re welcome to come into the hall from drop off via the back hall door on Church Road.


Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Griffith

Stars of the Week for w/e 27th January 2023

Well done to all of our Stars this week.

Reception – Chloe for superb delivery of her lines in Class Assembly and for always being super helpful in the classroom.

Class 1 – Avelyn for her excellent presentation in her instruction writing.

Class 2 – Henry for showing a huge improvement with his reading.

Class 3 – Jacob for creating a clear, informative poster on Sir Isaac Newton.  Immie for persevering with touch typing even when it was tough.  You set a great example by always trying your best.

Class 4 – Josh for always making valuable contributions in class and for being a role model to his peers. 

Class 5 – Samuel for living our school vision out in the community!

Class 6 – Ethan for consistently making an effort with his work across all lessons. 

House of the Week
The House with the most house points this week is Earth! Well done Earth!

Digital Leaders Attend Google Festival

This week, our Year 6 Digital Leaders attended a Google Festival of Technology at St George's School in Ascot.  Here are their highlights:


At St George's School we used these really cool VR goggles and we could choose what world we were in.  At snack time we were allowed to have squash and chocolate chip cookies.  Issy


At our Google Festival we tried four new gadgets:  Cue Robots, VR World, cracking codes and history powerpoints.  This is so we can raise funds for updated technology to learn about at our school.  Sylvia


The Cue Robots were really fun.  We got twenty minutes per activity.  The Cue Robots had different sensors and there were different mazes for us to program our robots.  The four robots names were Berners-Lee, Turing, Shanan and Bubble.  They were really amazing and quite fun to play with.  Then we programmed each robot to move forward, backward, left, right or even turn around.  It was awesome!  Paige


Quizzes and Puzzles - This was our first challenge.  We had to fill out a quiz on our computers and after a couple of questions we got a number.  These numbers were a code for the padlock on a bag that we had to open.  We finished just in time and inside the bag were sweets!  It was great fun.  Emily T

Christmas Donation to the Children's Society

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations at the children's nativities and church services this year making a grand total of £918.67 which has been forwarded to The Children's Society.

100 Skips a Day in February

Aidan in Y5 and his Mum will be doing 100 Skips a Day in February for the UK Cancer Challenge. If you would like to sponsor them please follow the link here.

RBWM SEND Inclusion Summit

On Wednesday 8th February RBWM are hosting a SEND Inclusion Summit at Norden Farm in Maidenhead.  It will be a great opportunity for all parents and carers, as well as other key stakeholders, to come together to share information and celebrate developments in SEND across the borough. There will be a SEND marketplace to explore. Please see below for more information.

Photo ID Required to Vote from May 2023

The Electoral Commission are running a new public awareness campaign, highlighting that voters in England will need to show photographic ID in order to vote at polling stations going forwards, starting with the local elections this May.


May's elections may seem a distant thought, but it is worth voters taking note of the changes now, and checking you have appropriate ID. That way, when polling day arrives, all you will have to do is remember to bring it along to the polling station. If you don't have accepted photo ID, you can apply for a free voter ID document, which is known as a Voter Authority Certificate.

Please see the Electoral Commission’s website for full details.

Please spread the word.


RBWM - Electoral and Democratic Governance


RBWM Innovation Fund

The RBWM innovation fund allows residents/communities/groups of any age to apply for seed funding to address health and wellbeing needs of our residents through innovative, sustainable and resident led ideas – the criteria can be seen on the website as follows: RBWM Innovation Fund Project | RBWM Together.  

Spring Term Key Dates – 2022

Tues 31st Jan – Y5 Class Assembly – 9am School Hall

Weds 1st Feb – Y1 Trip to Pizza Express

Thurs 2nd February – Y5 and 6 Football Tournament at Charters School

w/c 6th Feb – Internet Safety Week

Weds 8th Feb – Y4 Class Assembly – 9am School Hall

Fri 10th Feb – PTA Mufti Day - £2

Fri 10th Feb – Y2 Bake Sale

Fri 10th Feb – End of Term 3 – 3.15pm

Mon 20th Feb – Term 4 Starts

Tues 21st Feb – Y6 Trip to Brookwood Military Cemetery

Weds 1st March – Y2 Class Assembly – 9am School Hall

Mon 6th March – PTA Mtg – 8pm

Tues 7th March – Y3 Class Assembly – 9am School Hall

Mon 13th March – Y5 Bikeability Week

Weds 15th March – Y1 Class Assembly – 9am School Hall

Tues 21st March – Parent Consultation Meetings

Weds 22nd March – Y2 Trip to The Living Rain Forest

Thurs 23rd March – Parent Consultation Meetings

Fri 24th March – Y1 Bake Sale

Fri 31st March – PTA Mufti Day £2

Fri 31st March – End of Term 4 – 1.30pm

Mon 17th April – Term 5 Starts

Please do not send your child to school if they're unwell or with a high temperature controlled by paracetamol or ibuprofen.  Don't forget that your child must not return to school until at least 48 hours after the last episode of any gastric upset (vomiting or diarrhoea).   

Holy Trinity CE Primary School take safeguarding very seriously. If you have a concern, please do not hesitate to report to our designated staff;

Mrs J. Griffith, Mrs C Barnes, Miss S. Harding, Mrs F Fargher

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service

The local fire and rescue service have asked for our support by sharing the attached information with you regarding two public consultations we are currently running, relating to how the Fire Service is funded and the future of RBFRS.


More information about both consultations can be found at -


There is also a short video available, providing more details on the Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) and how this supports RBFRS for the future -


Should you have any further questions or comments, please email -