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Mathematics Subject Leader is Miss Wallbanks


Our curriculum intent for maths is that all children will:


  • Develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about mathematics
  • Become fluent in the basics of mathematics 
  • Develop the ability to recall and apply knowledge quickly and accurately
  • Reason mathematically using mathematical language 
  • Apply their mathematics to solve problems 


At Holy Trinity we aim not only develop the mathematical skills and understanding required for later life, but also an enthusiasm, enjoyment and fascination about mathematics itself. We aim to increase confidence in mathematics so pupils are able to express themselves and their ideas using mathematical language. We recognise the importance of creating a supportive environment where children are given the opportunities to respond to high levels of expectation and challenge as well as developing their independence.


We recognise the importance of  developing a balance of number fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We continually aim to embed the three main skills into every lesson.  Pupils regularly practise fluency skills in a range of different ways.  Step Maths, arithmetic challenges and Times Tables Rock Stars are used to support this. Pupils' achievements in mathematics are recognised through certificates and badges in assembly. 

To develop pupils reasoning and problem solving skills further, we teach a ‘Mathemagician’ lesson every week where pupils are encouraged to think systematically, connect ideas and explaining their conclusions. At Holy Trinity we believe that no ceiling should ever be put on a pupils learning potential, therefore we differentiate lessons using our whole school approach ‘Going for Gold’. Pupils are encouraged to choose their own level which encourages independence and resilience.


We recognise that parents make a significant difference to the pupils’ progress in mathematics and encourage this essential partnership. At Holy Trinity, every child from Reception to Year 6 has access to the online homework tool ‘Mathletics’. Tasks are set to consolidate learning in the classroom and pupils can also practise their number fluency skills by competing on ‘Live Mathletics’. Pupils from Years 2 to 6 have access to Times Tables Rock stars.  Pupils' achievements on Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars are recognised and they are awarded with certificates during assembly.


Videos of our calculation methods can be found under: children's zone- video resource centre and our calculation policy can be found under: About us: Policies and at the bottom of this page. 


How does Mathematics fit in with our school vision?


Vision statement:

Mathematics links/actions:

  1. We facilitate opportunities so every child can flourish in a place where they feel safe, happy and confident.


  • Continue to reward pupils in assemblies for achievements in mathematics
  • Going for gold approach encourages independence and self- confidence
  • Offer calculation workshops to all parents
  • Provide parents with calculation videos and links to resources
  1. Staff wellbeing and professional development is valued and supported in order to fulfil their roles, inspire others and experience personal fulfilment.


  • Provide CPD for staff in mathematics 
  • Provide and point staff towards high quality resources 
  • Explore further teaching resources to reduce workload
  1. The school provides facilities that enable an optimum learning environment.


  • Ensure pupils have access to high quality resources
  • Ensure resources are suitable for age/ needs of pupils
  • Be aware of new mathematical resources that would engage and inspire pupils
  • Research apps to install to support learning
  1. The school plays a central role within our community and enjoys strong links with the church, local companies and other schools.


  • Continue link with local cluster for moderating/ training etc
  • Continue to enter Maidenhead Rotary Club and The Marist Mathematics competitions 
  • Continue link with Ascot Race course for mathematics days
  • Link with Charters to enquire about resources/ specialised teaching
  • Forge links with other mathematics subject leaders across the local cluster

Calculation Policy