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Newsletter 29 - 1st May 2020

1st May 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you for all your kind messages of support and appreciation to the staff for all the hard work and effort going into keeping in contact with your children and providing suggested activities. It is very much valued and appreciated to hear your positive feedback. The class emails have been very welcomed and teachers are enjoying hearing from you and seeing work and photos from the children. So keep them coming! You may have changed your mind about giving permission for your child’s photo to be published on the website; if this is the case, we ask that you email the school office so that we have a record of this please.
There has been a lot of talk about “us all being in the same boat” during this pandemic. However, we may all be experiencing the same storm, but we are all travelling in different vessels. Some of us may be attempting to work from home as well as keeping our children safe, happy and entertained. Some of us may be parenting solo which brings its own challenges. Some of us may be struggling financially and be very worried about how to afford to feed our family (especially when all they do for most of the day is snack!). Some of us may be living alone and greatly missing human contact. Some of us may be going to work places feeling very anxious about possibly bringing unwanted germs back into our homes.  Whatever our situation, whatever vessel we are travelling in, it’s a challenging time. At some point, we will emerge from this storm and be able to come back together. So let’s continue to remain positive and provide a calm, reassuring place for our children at this time.
There has also been a lot of talk about when schools will re-open. 1st June has been mentioned a lot in the press BUT THERE IS STILL NO GOVERNMENT DECISION ON WHEN AND HOW SCHOOLS WILL RE-OPEN. At some point, based on scientific and medical advice, we’ll be informed that the current lockdown restrictions are being loosened. This may involve the opening of schools and colleges for some pupils and some staff on a staged basis. That won’t be our decision. The Local Authority are working closely with the DfE to ensure that plans are in place to ensure safety for all when we are able to open our doors once again. When we are aware of this we will inform you.
We wanted to give a special mention to Harry in Year 6. He has gone above and beyond this week having created a Purple Mash Quiz for Reception class, so we wanted to say “Thank you” to you Harry for taking the time to do something so kind and thoughtful.

Best Wishes

Mrs O'Brien and Mrs Griffith

A Prayer for All

Mrs Barnes found this wonderful and very useful prayer for us all:

Ascot Racecourse - Royal Ascot Art Competition

The Art Competition has gone ahead as usual this year with 728 entries from 12 schools.  We are absolutely delighted to announce that two Holy Trinity pupils were Highly Commended in their age groups. These are:


Age 4 - 6 - Sienna Searle Year 1

Age 10 - 11 - Luke Romaine Year 6


Well done to Sienna and Luke!  Their art work will be turned in to panels which will be mounted in the Heath Tunnel in due course.  We hope to be able to let you know when this has been done.  


Well done to everyone who entered the competition which is becoming an annual favourite - there were some fabulous entries once again.

School for Our Key Worker Children

On Monday our key worker children made some lovely cakes and dreamcatchers too....

Next Week - Year 5

Year 5 are invited to send photos of themselves and/or their work to for next week's newsletter.  It's lovely for us to see each other.

4W Photos

This week it's class 4W's turn to show us what they've been up to...we just love to see your faces!  Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett would like to say how incredibly proud they are of all of you 4W!

Keep up the amazing work and keep smiling!

Darcie Raises Money for the NHS

Darcie and her little sister wrote an Easter play and performed a special fundraising concert, ‘An Easter EGGstravaganza' over Zoom to entertain many members of their family in their various households across the country.  They played Easter-themed music on their instruments, acted out their original play, ’The Sampson Sisters Best Easter Ever’ and sang funny Easter songs to keep the youngest members of their audience amused. At the end of the show, they asked the family to donate to the crowdfunding scheme, MasksforNHSHeroes' and were delighted to raise £90 for this great cause providing PPE to frontline NHS staff. 

Well done Darcie. We are all very proud of you!

Contour Maps

Alessia, Thomas, Emily and Mia created contour maps after completing the BBC Bitesize geography lesson!

Rob Biddulph Artwork

Art work inspired by Rob Biddulph. By Daisy, Hannah, Rhys, Mia, Savannah, Jay H, Alessia and Harry. Harry decided to challenge his Dad!  

Time Capsule

Abi and Genevieve completed a time capsule activity. A great way of reflecting on their time at home and something to look back on as we really are living through history!  They got to interview their parents too!

David Walliams watch out - There's a new teacher in town!

Zara has been reading three chapters each day of 'Fing' to her little sister. 

Messages For Our Carers

Messages from Jay H, Genevieve, Ava and here is Emily who appears in the clap for our carers advert. Have you spotted her on TV yet? 

Taking Our Learning Outside

Mia, Thomas, Jay  H, Grace and Darcie take their learning outside.


Fun Science Experiments

Jay H and Savannah exploring states of matter, Zach creating an erupting volcano and Genevieve making slime!


Bake Off Fun!

Evie, Zara, Harry and Rhys enjoying their baking!

More Arts and Crafts

By Zach, Maisie, Hannah, Daisy, Alessia, Evie, Genevieve and Grace made her own pom-poms! Happiness art from Max.  

If We Had No Spring - by Darcie


Fact File by Max


Working and Playing With our Furry Friends

Darcie and Chino, Savannah and Buddy, Harry and Bear, Grace and Gus, Genevieve and Tallulah.

Live Science Lesson

4W took part in a live science lesson on exploring habitats. Here is Savannah waiting for the live lesson to start, Thomas, Genevieve, Darcie, Alessia, Rhys and Zach during the live lesson and creations from the live lesson by Mia and Alessia.