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Art and Design

Art and Design Subject Leader is Miss Prince


Our curriculum intent for art and design is that every child will:

  • experiment, invent and create own works of art, crafts and design,
  • develop a wide vocabulary to understand and talk about art,
  • know about great artists, craft makers and designers and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms and
  • know and understand how art and design reflect and shape our history and contribute to culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

How does Art and Design fit into our School Vision?

Vision statement:

Art & Design links/actions:

We facilitate opportunities so every child can flourish in a place where they feel safe, happy and confident.


  • Engage and inspire all pupils and give them regular opportunities to take part in skills based art lessons
  • Give pupils a sound knowledge of great artists, craft makers, architects, illustrators and designers
  • Provide pupils with the skills that they need so that they are confident to experiment and create their own art, craft and design work

Staff wellbeing and professional development is valued and supported in order to fulfil their roles, inspire others and experience personal fulfilment.


  • Provide CPD for teaching skills in Art & Design
  • Research art toolkits/curriculums  that would provide teachers with latest research, progression maps and subject specific vocabulary
  • Liaise with cluster schools to look at Art & Design provision and how it is delivered

The school provides facilities that enable an optimum learning environment.


  • Ensure pupils have access to high quality resources and materials
  • Look into ways of funding further Art equipment using local schools and companies
  • Ensure pupils have access to a secure, safe internet that allows them to access information they need to support their learning but in a very controlled, safe environment
  • Be aware of new artists and media that would inspire pupils
  • Research apps to install to support learning

The school plays a central role within our community and enjoys strong links with the church, local companies and other schools.


  • Continue our link with the Arts Society and have work of our pupils displayed at Sunningdale train station
  • Artwork to be displayed in the church at various times throughout the year
  • Forge links with other Art & Design subject leaders across the local cluster

Take a look at our school Art Curriculum below: