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Art and Design

                 “Every child is an artist.” Pablo Picasso          

Art and Design Subject Leader is Mrs O'Brien and Mrs Barnes


Our curriculum intent for Art & Design is that every child will: 


  • be inspired and enthused by the creative element of art & design
  • learn a range of skills to convey their creative ideas through various media
  • understand and know about a range of artist, craft and designers that can inspire them
  • enjoy learning about a range of art and appreciate it’s place in our world 


Implementation of the Art & Design Curriculum at Holy Trinity


We aim to develop meaningful links across other curriculum subjects for pupils to be able to apply and practice their art & design skills.

At Holy Trinity we have just introduced the Kapow scheme of work for art & design that we adapt to meet the needs of our pupils and fit in with our curriculum design. Following this scheme ensures that all National Curriculum objectives are delivered in every unit in every year giving the children a plethora of opportunities to learn, practise and refine their skills.


The Impact of the Art & Design Curriculum at Holy Trinity


Holy Trinity pupils have experience of developing their art and design skills during their time with us. Through being exposed to and studying a range of artists, crafters and designers, they have an understanding of a variety of art works. Offering pupils the opportunities to express themselves through art and design gives them the chance to express and develop their creative thinking. It can also serve as a very mindful and contemplative activity for children.


How does Art and Design fit into our School Vision?