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Newsletter 25 - 23rd March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

We are so grateful for your grace, patience and understanding last week and moving forward as we have been working out what is going on and what we need to do in unprecedented times.   

As you know we are now closed as a school and open only as a childcare facility to support a very few children identified as needing care at this difficult time.  Remember, even if you are someone who is able to access this care, the top line from the Government is that if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then that is where they should be.  Closing our schools and cancelling GSCE and A Levels exams are truly drastic measures and so indicative of how seriously we should be taking Government messages on social distancing at this time.  We do not know when things will get back to normal, so we need to embrace a new 'normal' and stay at home.  We are truly thankful to those key workers in the thick of it and we ask you to pray for them to have phenomenal strength and remain in good health.  Holy Trinity Church is open between 9am and midday every day except Saturday for you to visit and pray.  This will be at sanitised prayer stations which have been placed at a distance from each other around the building. You can also donate items to the Bracknell Food Bank via church by placing items just inside the porch door and to the left.  As you can imagine, our Food Banks are struggling and all donations of non-perishable items are welcomed.  


In the meantime...


Teachers have posted weekly timetables and various resources on the 'Class Pages' under the 'Children' tab on this website.  They will also post a daily message for the children by 9.30am each weekday morning.  This should help you to structure the day for your children if this is what you need.  


Don't forget you may wish to benefit from Joe Wicks 9am online PE lessons with more than 800,000 households taking part this morning!  Mrs Barnes reported that this was a really good work out today!


Calling Class 6!

Please do send in photos of anything you've been up to in the house this week to publish in our next newsletter.  

A Message from Author Kerry Gibb

This week we enjoyed some creative writing workshops with Kerry Gibb.  She has kindly sent us the following message which your children might enjoy:

Over the coming week, I will be creating a short story as a spin off from the It’s A Kid’s Life series. It will be highly relatable to what children are experiencing right now, but the direction it takes will be up to them! Children will be invited to read the short story on my website and then write their own ending! Various story lines will be suggested if they need a bit of help getting started, or they can come up with something entirely their own!
Children can either keep their stories for their own enjoyment, or send them to me, where I will post some on my website for others to enjoy too!  Allowing children to see each other’s stories in this way will make them feel more connected, and hopefully inspired to let their minds escape in this unsettling time. The vibe I want to portray is, they may be stuck indoors, but their mind is as free as a bird!
Here is the link to details on my website:
Many thanks,
Kerry Gibb

Potato Dress Up Extravaganza

Some children in KS1 and Class 3 dressed up and decorated potatoes at home to look like a book character.  See here for the results!

Writing Wall of Fame

Our Writing Wall of Fame has been renewed and at the very least we would like to celebrate those who've made it on to the wall this time!  Well done to the following for their excellent work:

Year 1 - Thomas

Year 2 - Maya

Year 3 - Emily T

Class 4H - Finn

Class 4W - Zara

Year 5 - Fred C

Year 6 - Manika

Symptom Chart

We thought you might find the following chart from Boots useful at the moment:

PTA News

Thank you for all the lovely messages regarding the Easter Eggs yesterday, we are so pleased to hear the children enjoyed them!  Thank you to those who have sent payment, it is really appreciated.

We are very disappointed to have had to cancel the up coming events as we were really looking forward to holding the events and raising money for the school.

We are in the process of speaking with the Circus and are hoping to re-book for next year.  We will keep you updated via Classlist.

Stay safe and take care

Many thanks, PTA Committee

Holy Trinity CE Primary School take safeguarding very seriously. If you have a concern, please do not hesitate to report to our designated staff;

Mrs P. O’Brien, Mrs J. Griffith, Miss S. Harding, Mrs F Fargher