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Computing Subject Leader is Mrs Griffith


Our curriculum intent for computing is that every child will: 

·         be inspired and enthused by the creative possibilities technology offers

·         know how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly,

·         understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science

·         gain practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve problems.

·         gain a wide range of experiences in technology in order to prepare pupils for their next phase in life


Holy Trinity is committed to ensuring all children have full access to a high-quality computing education. We have a range of excellent resources to support children in their learning across the whole curriculum as well as in their discrete computing lessons. The school makes good use of shared resources such as iPads, laptops and other technical resources which can be used within lessons or as part of group work.


The Curriculum is largely focused around 3 key areas:


·         Digital Literacy: using IT purposefully, creatively and safely.

·         Computer Science: developing computational thinking and programming skills.

·         Computers, Networks and the Web: understanding how computers, networks and the web function.


How does Computing fit into our School Vision?

Vision statement:

Computing links/actions:

We facilitate opportunities so every child can flourish in a place where they feel safe, happy and confident.


  • Ensure online safety is planned and delivered effectively and regularly in every year group
  • Offer e-safety advice to parents through our website, newsletter and parents’ information evenings in order for them to support their child being safe online
  • Use Digital Leaders in school to support their peers and instil confidence in their computing abilities

Staff wellbeing and professional development is valued and supported in order to fulfil their roles, inspire others and experience personal fulfilment.


  • Provide CPD for staff in computing National Curriculum
  • Provide CPD for staff in personal computing skills for use in the classroom
  • Ensure hardware (including internet access and staff laptops) is off a high standard to enable staff to undertake their job effectively and efficiently
  • Explore ways that technology can reduce staff workload and enhance efficient working

The school provides facilities that enable an optimum learning environment.


  • Ensure pupils have access to high quality hardware
  • Ensure pupils have access to high quality learning platforms online
  • Ensure pupils have access to a secure, safe internet that allows them to access information they need to support their learning but in a very controlled, safe environment
  • Be aware of new technologies that would engage and inspire pupils
  • Research apps to install to support learning

The school plays a central role within our community and enjoys strong links with the church, local companies and other schools.


  • Approach local companies to offer sponsorship/funding for the purchase of new hardware
  • Link with Charters and The Marist to enquire about support from students/with resources and learning
  • Forge links with other Computing subject leaders across the local cluster


Computing is central to the curriculum and is integrated with a range of subjects. The school is well resourced with Interactive Whiteboards in all teaching rooms, which allows us to create visually stimulating lessons and greater opportunities for interactive learning. In addition, the school has a Research Hub with laptops and iPads for indoor and outdoor learning.  Children are taught how to program and how to use other technology, access particular software and how to stay safe online. Our main learning tool is Purple Mash.  All pupils have a login and password that can be used at home and at school.