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Year 3

Monday 17th June 2024

Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous day out at Marwell Zoo on Monday.

We saw lots of amazing animals and took part in a workshop classifying animals that are vertebrates and invertebrates. We looked at skeletons and had to decide what animal it was and if it was a fish, amphibian, reptile, mammal or bird.

I think we all agree that our favourite animals were the red panda, meerkats and the snow leopard. We were really pleased to see that Holy Trinity, Sunningdale, Year, 3 had been added to the adoption board outside the snow leopard enclosure.


Library books

On Mondays, Y3 will go to the library to borrow a book for the week.

Can the children please read these books at home and look after them carefully?

All books are to be brought back into school on a Monday and we will visit the library to return them and borrow a new book.

 Year 3 - Summer Term 

Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Ahmed

Miss Bohdjalian and Mrs Puckett

Our P.E. this term is on Monday and Friday. On Monday, we will be doing handball at school and Friday will be dance. On these days, please come into school dressed in your P.E. kit.




Homework will be given on the Wednesday (spelling on the Friday) and will need  to be handed in on the following Monday.


Please log into your child's Teams account to find homework. All logins have been sent home in your child's reading journal. Home work will be found on Teams and 4 tasks will be set on Mathletics.



Please continue to listen to your child read daily if possible.

All children are welcome to show an adult in class, that they have been listened to to read with an adult and had their journal signed. House points will then we awarded.


Please be patient with us as we benchmark all children in the upcoming weeks.


Please find attached the suggested 10 books for year 3 children to read, over the year, at Holy Trinity.

Special certificates will be awarded for each one of these books completed by your child.


Please also look at the year 3 reading list below, which suggest a wider range of suggested books to read.

General reminders

  • Children are allowed to bring in a piece of fresh or dried fruit to eat at break time. Absolutely NO NUTS in school please.

  • For children with long hair, please make sure it is fully tied back using a green or hair-coloured band. 

  • No jewellery is allowed except a watch and stud earrings, both of which must be removed for P.E. (earrings covered with tape if they cannot be removed). If your child wears a religious adornment, please let me know.


It is important that you hear your child read as often as possible, ideally every day. The children are responsible for changing their own reading book daily (when necessary). 


The focus in year 3 is to enhance and apply their knowledge of root words (prefix/suffix), develop positive attitudes to reading and understand a range of texts (narrative, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books) by asking questions, drawing inferences from actions with evidence, predicting what might happen and participating in class discussions. In addition to their reading book, the children can also read newspapers (First News is excellent for children) and magazines (The Week Junior).



Times Tables

Times tables are really important in year 3, with a focus on the 3x, 4x and 8x tables. The children have access to Times Tables Rockstars via the link below. I will set specific times tables in the Garage Room for practice as part of their homework but children should feel free to use the site as often as they like!


  • Garage Room - please try to practise in here as much as you can.
  • Studio Room - this is where you play to try and record your best performance and improve your rock status. Your challenge on here is to answer all times tables up to 12 x 12.
  • Arena - this is a bit like the garage room where tables are set for you individually. The difference is you get to play against other band-mates and challenge each other.
  • Festival - this is a multiplayer version of studio.


Have fun rock stars!

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