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Year 2

* We have got an extra PE lesson on Wednesday this week - please come into school in your PE kit on Wednesday (as well as Monday & Friday) *


Today we explored this 'old, rusty, battered box'. We put our special historian hats on to ask and answer questions about the box's contents. We found cheese, wine and a very old map. Lots of us knew straight away that this box must belong to one person and one person only... Samuel Pepys!  I was so impressed with their historical thinking, using artefacts to answer questions. Ask your children why these items were thought of as important enough to be buried!

I have posed a question to the class... What would they choose to bury in a special box and why? 


Our teachers are: Miss Prince & Miss Reader



 "We are here to feel, wonder and gaze in awe at the world. Instead of just teaching our children how to use things and do things, I suggest we nourish their sense of wonder" - Bennie Siegel                         

Autumn 2

Our value this term is truthfulness under the umbrella of forgiveness


Our topic this term is LONDON'S BURNING. We will kick off the term finding out more about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot before moving onto the Great Fire of London. 

A creative cross-curricular approach will be taught through Outdoor Learning, English, Science and Art & D.T to bring this topic to life.   



A curriculum leaflet of our learning this term is below (see useful docs).


PE days: Monday and Friday

Forest school: Thursday



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