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Friday 19th April

Mathletics -  We have set 3 tasks on the topic of capacity and volume (some being recapped). This will be our topic on a Friday for the next few weeks. If you happen to be throwing any small bottles away - (any shape) - the more varied the better, we would love to add them to our collection for exploring capacity in the water tray over the next few weeks. Thank you!!


Spellings - please see the sheet below! We are revising sounds learnt this year and including a couple of Harder to read and spell words which always need revisiting. Many thanks! Please continue with the robot arms and counting the sounds on the fingers.


Thank you so much!

Science: I am also sending home a bean tonight for your child to grow! We would like the beans back in 4 weeks to check progress!! We are doing this in class but results might be better at home so let's have a go!! 


Please place the bean in a plastic transparent cup and put kitchen towel around the edges inside.  Tuck the bean between the kitchen towel and the outside edge so it can be observed.  Water it.  Discuss the best place to put it and keep a close eye - does it need more water etc? Observe the roots and the shoot developing and discuss.  Any problems, please do let us know! At this age, the children need to know that all plants have roots, stems, leaves and flowers and the function of each! Please do not worry if the bean has not done well - it is all good for discussion and observation - we need a range of results!! 

Thank you! We will see the beans again in about 4 weeks!