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Meet the Governors

Our constitution provides for 12 Governors that represent different sections of our community:

Parent Governors (2): parents of children at the school and parent elected
Staff Governors (2):
 the Headteacher and one other member of staff elected by the school staff
LA or Authority Governors (1): elected by the Local Authority
Foundation Governors (7): the vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Sunningdale, and elected by the Diocese (2) and elected by the Parochial Church Council (4).

Picture 1 Mrs Aileen Boaler, Chair, Diocesan Foundation
Picture 2 Mr Peter Grover, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 3 Mrs Pamela O'Brien, Ex-officio Staff Governor
Picture 4 Mrs Jo Griffith, Ex-officio Staff Governor
Picture 5 Revd Jon Hutchinson, Ex-officio PCC Foundation
Picture 6 Mr Tim Fettes, LA Foundation Governor
Picture 7 Mr Barry Aherne, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 8 Mrs Belle Moss, Parent Governor
Picture 9 Dr Mark Lomax, Parent Governor
Picture 10 Mrs Jo Taylor, Diocesan Foundation Governor
Picture 11 Mrs Andrea Williamson, PCC Foundation Governor
Picture 12 Mrs Stephanie Hynard, Associate Governor
Picture 1