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Welcome Parents

Information for Parents

Our partnership with our parents is very important to us. The school office is always happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have. We have tried to include a range of information in this section that we think will be useful to you. Please read the Weekly Newsletter as this gives updates and reminders about all sorts of aspects of school life. 


Parents and families are always welcome to come into our school. We like parents to contact us if any particular questions or concerns arise. We are especially pleased when parents feel that they can give some time to help us in the classroom or with a special project. Parental involvement is highly valued in our school and we are grateful for any help and time parents can give to us.   
Home School Agreements
We believe that parents and school work in partnership to educate children. To this end we have a Home School Agreement which acknowledges the responsibilities of school, parents and children in this vital partnership.

We hope that parents will support their children and the school, by ensuring that children do all set homework. Homework will be introduced in Reception Class with books to share with parents and will increase each year.

Personal Possessions
Children should not bring toys or other precious personal possessions to school as these may be lost or broken. We do not accept responsibility if this happens. Jewellery must not be worn as it can be dangerous. If children have pierced ears the only earrings to be worn are studs, and they must not be worn for swimming. The school will not accept responsibility for the loss of any item of jewellery.

Complaints Procedure
If parents have a query or complaint about the curriculum, religious education or collective worship, they should contact the class teacher. Difficulties can usually be settled informally at an early stage. However, in extremely rare circumstances it may be necessary to follow the procedure below.
 1.Informal Level to the class teacher

 2.Informal Level to the phase Key Stage team leader

 3.Formal Level to the Head teacher
 4.Formal level to the Governing Board

The name of the Chair of Governors (Mrs Aileen Boaler).