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Meet The Team

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs O'Brien - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Griffith - Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs Fargher - Special Needs co-ordinator
Picture 4 Mrs Titre - Pastoral Support
Picture 5 Mrs Tomes - Reception class teacher
Picture 6 Miss Duncan - Nursery Nurse in Reception class
Picture 7 Miss Reader - TA in Reception class
Picture 8 Mrs Barnes - Y1 teacher
Picture 9 Mrs O'Brien - Teacher in Y1
Picture 10 Miss Hing - TA in Y1
Picture 11 Mrs O'Neill - TA in Y1
Picture 12 Miss Prince - Y2 teacher
Picture 13 Mrs Free - HLTA in KS1
Picture 14 Mrs Jans - TA in Y2
Picture 15 Miss Cullen - Y3 teacher
Picture 16 Miss Glenister - Y3 teacher
Picture 17 Mrs Jeremiah - TA in Y3
Picture 18 Miss Bohdjalian - TA in Y3
Picture 19 Mrs Hunt - HLTA in Y3
Picture 20 Miss Wallbanks - Y4 teacher
Picture 21 Mrs Puckett - TA in Y4
Picture 22 Miss Harding - Y5 teacher
Picture 23 Mrs Hunter - TA in Y5
Picture 24 Miss Lazar - TA in Y5 & Y6
Picture 25 Mrs Neale - Y6 teacher
Picture 26 Mrs Marriner - TA in Y6
Picture 27 Mrs Poulter - School Bursar
Picture 28 Mrs Lawson - Admin Officer
Picture 29 Mrs Hill - Caretaker


Reception Class teacher:  Mrs S. Tomes

Year 1 teacher: Mrs C. Barnes and Mrs G. O'Brien

Year 2 teacher: Miss A. Prince

Year 3 teacher: Miss E. Cullen and Ms H. Glenister

Year 4 teacher: Miss M. Wallbanks

Year 5 teacher: Miss S. Harding

Year 6 teacher: Mrs E. Neale

Co-Headteachers: Mrs P. O'Brien and Mrs J. Griffith


SENCo: Mrs F. Fargher



Reception: Miss Duncan (NNEB), Mrs Reader

KS1: Mrs Free, Mrs Jans, Miss Hing, Mrs O'Neill

KS2: Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Jeremiah, Miss Lazar, Mrs Marriner, Mrs Puckett, Mrs Bodhjalian

Pastoral Support:  Mrs Titre



Reception: Mrs Lawson

Finance: Mrs Poulter

Caretaker: Mrs Hill