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Pupil Roles and Responsibilities

Here at Holy Trinity, we value the contribution that all our pupils make to making our school an even better place to learn. Every child has a voice and they can share their ideas through School Council, Digital Leaders, P4C and classroom discussions.

We also actively encourage pupil participation in school life through various roles and responsibilities. When pupils are in Year 6 they can choose to be elected by their House Team throughout the school to be the Captain or Vice Captain. These are always very popular roles and the competition is tough! The House Captains run weekly sporting challenges across the school and organize other events throughout the school year.

This year we have introduced the role of Head boy/girl. This was also a popular role with lots of pupils applying. Mrs O'Brien had to make a difficult choice.

We also have Buddies in Year 6 that are linked to our new children in Reception class. A mutually enjoyable role!

Head Boy/Girl

Head Boy/Girl 1 Head Boy
Head Boy/Girl 2 Head Girl
Head Boy/Girl 3 Vice Head Boy
Head Boy/Girl 4 Vice Head Girl

House Captains

House Captains 1
House Captains 2
House Captains 3
House Captains 4
House Captains 5
House Captains 6
House Captains 7