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Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to Year 1!

What a great start back Year 1 have had - we have been SO impressed with their confidence waving goodbye to mums, dads and carers and bravely walking in to the classroom! Thank you so much to all for navigating the new drop off system and bearing with us as we work out the best and safest ways of managing all the new routines.  Communication between us will take a while to organise but please know that despite Covid barriers we are here for you so please continue to use the class email for any queries or questions:


The children have been fantastic in class - settling well into new routines, sharing, showing support and kindness to their friends and enjoying all learning opportunities.  This week we have introduced the Mirror Mirror on the Wall which is looking for the Kindness in them all, they have discussed Snow White's wicked Stepmother's actions and questioned if all kings and queens were good people.  We are looking at materials and their properties this half term and sorted some of Snow White's kitchen items into plastic, metal, china, wood and fabric.  (Immy took us to a new level of suggesting savoury vs unsavoury!!)  Below are some photos of the flags we made for Snow White's castle.  We discussed the properties needed for a good flag and Star used water from her water bottle to test it's resilience to the rain! Great work from all! 


Lunch times are now back in the hall to preserve the classroom a little and we are reminding children to take their water bottles out of the bags each morning.  Reminders from you at drop off would really help as well.  Yesterday I told the children how impressed I was with Corick's almost empty water bottle and suddenly we had 30 keen water drinkers!!!!


All in all, a great start and thank you for your patience and support!