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Week beginning 5th January

Welcome to the new term


This week in phonics we are reviewing the sounds we learnt at the end of last term

sh   ch   th   ng


Below are some worksheets for your child to work on focussing on the sh or ch sounds.


Please practise reading as much as possible. Please contact me if you would like me to drop round some more books. Please use bug club, you should have your password details, let me know if you need them sent out again.



Please click on the you tube link below which shows the books, 'Penguins in the Fridge!'

When they have listened to the story. 

Talk through what pet they would like to have and where they would keep it. Can they draw a picture and write a sentence with your help underneath.


I have penguin outlines that I can try and get to you to make your own penguin, but if not just improvise and use some paint or felt tips to decorate a toilet roll like a penguin.




Today's story