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Week beginning 14.3.22

Friday 18th March

Do keep up your daily reading. Email me if you need your bug club password. Please remember to do the quiz at the end of each book. 


Purple Mash Game

I have set a 2do but you might need to search Bond Bubbles and go into Dinoworld.

Match up the number bonds to 5 in level 1. As you complete each level you make number bonds to a higher number.



Revising j,v,w,x  Follow the powerpoint below.


Numeracy: Choose a worksheet below to complete number bond work


Literacy: Watch, 'How to catch a Dinosaur'

On each page they devise a new plan to catch a dinosaur. Can you see what they are planning to do?

Can you make a plan to catch a dinosaur?
Can you draw a diagram. A diagram is a simple picture with labels on it explaining how it all works.

Maybe you could use some junk modelling to make your own dinosaur trap?


Storytime: Another Harry book!

Dinosaur story time

Learning if we can be brave we can end up having lots of fun!

How to Catch a Dinosaur by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton / Children's Book Read Aloud

The science fair is coming and these kids know just how to win. But first, they need to catch a dinosaur!

Thursday 17th March


Make a dinosaur mask.

If you have equipment at home you could paint a paper plate and make one of these options.



Or I have put some templates below that you could print out and decorate.


Art: How to draw a dinosaur. I have attached a link to the video I made last year about how to draw a dinosaur and then your child can follow the instructions.


Numeracy: we are learning about our number bonds to 10. There is a clip on cbeebies Number Block to watch and please choose which worksheet is most suitable for your child


Read 'How do Dino's Count' story.

How to draw a dinosaur


Starter activity below working on cutting skills, can you cut out the shapes and fix them on the picture.



Beechwood Park powerpoint- writing sh ch th ng words



Making number to 10 powerpoint below


Story time you tube clip below

Wednesday story time

Learning about endangered animals

Work for week beginning 14th March 2022


For all those who are off with covid and would like to do some work.

Please do email me on if you would like your bug club password. This provides some lovely reading books for your child to read to you plus some good questions at the end of the book.


Tuesday 15th March

Phonics- please go through the powerpoint below 'Ned the Ted' and revise your sh ch th ng digraphs



Last week we were working on the term 'fewer', do you have a set of dominoes? You need three pieces of paper, can you write, 'more' on one, '7' on the next and 'fewer' on the final one. Can you sort the dominoes onto the three pieces of paper. If you don't have dominoes- the activity sheet is below and your child could cut out the dominoes.


Do you have any dinosaurs at home- can you watch the powerpoint and see whether you think they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.


What do you think we are?


Watch the you tube clip of 'Harry and the Dinosaurs go Raaaahhhh!' 



Monday 14th March

Purple mash

Do explore this and do any of the activities. I will set some dinosaur work for you to do, just click on the to-dos!



We are saying farewell to Nibbles as he is moving into year 1 for a while. Can you write him a farewell card or write some instructions for Mrs Barnes and year 1 about how to look after him.



I have attached the powerpoint for today's lesson


Kids Book Read Aloud: Harry and The Dinosaurs say "Raahh!" by Ian Whybrow

Storytelling by @itsmaxfunboxActivities to follow: Finding Dino themed box