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riday 22nd May


Last day before half term. Well done to everyone for all their efforts. You have been super stars! Do have an enjoyable and restful half term and enjoy the sunshine! 


Last Sunday was Buster’s birthday…and I missed it! Sorry Buster, I thought it was during half term. I am so sorry, do hope you had a good birthday.


Parents, I do hope yesterday’s communication made sense. We have been sending so many documents back and forth, I do apologise if things have been missed off.  My intention is that we will be in Forest School for the rest of term, unless the weather becomes very very wet! Much of my room has been packed away, so it is much more pleasant to be outside. Children will not be wearing school uniform in Reception, but need to come to school in suitable clothes for Forest School. Long trousers to begin with- unless it gets very hot. There are some stinger nettles and brambles, I have cleared lots but to begin with this would be sensible. Please send them in shoes they can quickly take off to put on wellingtons (no laces please).

I am sure you will all have questions, do email me and I will try and help. I will be setting work for those families who would rather continue to home school and for the days when you are not in school, this will be on the website as per this term.


Big red combine harvester

There is a you tube clip of me singing the song, and a powerpoint above to accompany it. Can you write a new song? Maybe about a tractor? You could use the same tune?


Review Time: What have you enjoyed learning about during our farming topic?

Please go through Tapestry with your child, or talk with your child about all the amazing things you have done this term. It is great for them to review the topic. What was their favourite part? Was there a bit they found difficult? Where do they feel proud? Was there a challenge they had to really work hard at to achieve? Is there anything they still want to know about farming?

Can they draw me a picture and write a sentence about ‘The Best Part of the Farming Topic.’


Live assembly with the Bishop of Oxford

The Assembly will be live-streamed at 10.30am tomorrow morning (FRIDAY 22ND MAY) on Facebook and YouTube – please just click on the appropriate link below. However, it can also be accessed by the Vimeo  links below, for you to send out today so that pupils can engage with it tomorrow morning at a time which works best for you and them. PLEASE NOTE: the first part of the recording of the Bishop has some hiss on it at the moment, but this will be sorted by end of play today, and the links will be the same.



The theme of the assembly is COURAGE, which Bishop Steven picks up on in his talk, and the assembly starts with a time of stilling and CONTEMPLATION; both of these themes tie in with the vision of the Church of England in Oxford Diocese to be more Contemplative, Compassionate and Courageous.


The Stilling involves active participation where possible, and pupils should be encouraged to sit somewhere comfortably but upright and to follow the Bishop’s lead as he guides us through a short time of meditation and contemplation.


The Bishop of Oxford develops the theme of Courage by exploring the powerful bible text of David and Goliath, and he will be considering some of the challenges that we all face during Lockdown, as well as considering some of the strategies that Christians have found helpful, over 1000s of years. The Bishop also shows off his impressive Lockdown Lego Challenge to build a model of his house.


The short Assembly ends with a song  - a version of the famous Psalm 23 The Lord’s my Shepherd – which has been produced by a school worship band from Waddesdon School. We encourage pupils to sing along with this at home if they would like to.


There is also an invitation at the end of Bishop Steven’s talk to create something that represents courage, something that helps you to be strong, and have a big heart.

If you would like to take a photo of that and send it to the Diocese, then we will try to make these into some sort of slideshow or collage for all our schools to see. Please just send entries to this dropbox link :


Lastly, If you would like to explore contemplative experiences further, then we would warmly encourage to consider The Contemplative Toolkit resource from the Diocese, and we advise you to make contact with Charlie Kerr, our Chaplaincy Adviser, using the details at the bottom of the email. There will also be resources available shortly on The Diocese of Oxford website, if you follow this link



Thursday 21st May


I have attached some subtraction sheets, choose a bronze, silver or gold award sheet to attempt!

Positional language

Can someone read these instructions to you…..can you draw the arable farm following the instructions.

In the middle of the paper draw a tractor

Above the tractor draw a cloud

Draw a tree underneath the tractor

Add some wheat next to the tractor

Draw a sun above the clouds

Draw a bag of flour below the wheat.

Can you ask someone to draw a picture using positional language- can they put everything in the correct place.

Oak National Academy

Today their lesson is about ‘Constructing a vehicle’. Could you make a tractor or a combine harvester!?! Or just choose any vehicle you would like to make!

The Disgusting Sandwich

 Can you read this story together or watch the clip on You-Tube?

Can you pretend to make a disgusting sandwich- what would you put in your sandwich?

Can you make a delicious sandwich- what would you put in your sandwich? Can you write a shopping list?


Wednesday 20th May

Wheat Challenges

Wheat is used to make flour.

Can you use flour to cook something? Maybe bread, cakes or pancakes. Take a photo to show me what you have made.

Watch the video above and have a go at ‘Mrs Tomes’ Flour Challenge’.


Lots of you enjoyed the fruit shopping activity a few weeks ago, and I know some of you, have had ‘snack shops’, where you can spend your money on snacks!

Maybe you could set up a toy shop and pretend to buy/sell your toys. There is also a good interactive game on Top marks where you can find the correct coins to buy toys.


Some of you were timing how many jumps/hops you could do in a minute.

Some of you had great ideas….counting squats, up the ladder and down the slide, catching a ball…

Maybe you could make a little obstacle course and count how many circuits you can complete in a minute. Can you get a little faster each time?

Oak National Academy

This week they are looking at transport, and planning to build a form of transport. I wonder…if anyone can watch the lessons and design a tractor or combine harvester!!!!



Tuesday 19th May 2020

Thank you to everyone for the amazing video. I have posted a reply above, plus Harold (from  the Life Caravan) has come to visit.

PSHE: Be Kind

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. Research shows kindness and mental health are closely related. So there are some kindness activities below for you to think about.

PE Challenge

Can you user a timer to measure one minute? How many star jumps can you do in a  minute? How many hops can you do in a minute? What else can you measure?

Numeracy: Race to Twenty

Make two number tracks to twenty. Have a dice, whatever number you throw you move up the track. If you throw a six, you go back to the beginning again. The winner is the first to twenty.

Topic work: Arable vs Livestock

Now that we have learnt what arable farming is…..oh, can you remember? Can you do this sorting exercise and sort arable and livestock farming. (See download below).



Monday 18th May 2020


Arable Farming

Please watch the powerpoint below.

Can you use the internet to find out more information?

Can you use junk modelling to make a windmill?



Numeracy: Estimating and counting

Can you use some objects eg dried beans, seeds, toy cars, marbles? Place them in a pile. Can you estimate how many there are? Write it down? Can you count accurately to check?

As numbers get bigger suggest grouping the objects into groups 2’s or 10’s. Why do we do this? It’s quicker and easier if we make a mistake? Then counting in 2’s, 10’s to count how many you have?



Do watch Mr Mc's phonics videos

or Letters and sounds


I have attached some phonics booklets for the different phases. Please help your child to complete the activities appropriate to their levels.


Oak National Academy

Lots of children found last week's PSHE lesson on 'Worry' really helpful. Today the lesson is about 'Feelings' and breathing techniques you can follow to help you control your feelings







Thank you for the video

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Thank you...

Flour Challenge

Big Red Combine Harvester