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week 7

Wow, what a busy and exciting week it has been!

First we had a letter from The Queen telling us that her pet dragon, Sparkles, had run away and she believed she was headed in the direction of Holy Trinity.

So we headed out into the playground to see if we could spot her. There were some sightings but we decided that we had better set a trap to catch her so she wouldn't get hurt.

There were lots of great suggestions of how to catch her but as a class we decided it was best to set a trap in forest school.

We knew that Sparkles liked leaves and sticks and big lumps of meat. Next we had to set the trap. We all took turns to dig with the magical spades, we layed some brown paper to disguise the hole, collected lots of sticks and leaves and scattered them across the trap. Then we had to hide behind a tree and wait!

This got a bit boring and we wanted to play so we agreed to come back the following morning and see if she would take the bait while it was quiet and dark.

To our surprise and delight, when we returned the next day, we discovered our trap had worked and that we had captured Sparkles. We checked that she wasn't hurt and we are now looking after her in the classroom.