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Week 4

Maths with Mrs Tomes

My Veggie Friends.....

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Can you make some veggie friends? Can you plan an adventure for them?

Poem of the week

Tuesday morning

Week 4 blog

Monday 27th April

Chalk drawings

On Friday Miss Hing and I were working together in school, we really missed everyone.  We wanted to draw a chalk farm and add ourselves into it…..but our drawing skills weren’t good enough. So we ended up being beers flying over flowers.

Maybe, if you have chalks at home you could draw a chalk farm for us.

Purple Mash

Harry in year 6 has made a quiz for Reception in Purple Mash. If you go into 2dos, you should see if there. Thank you Harry!


Can you watch this ‘you tube’ clip and play the game ‘pig’ with a dice.

Oliver’s vegetables

Read or watch the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ together.

Here are some comprehension questions to ask.

Sorting Fruit and Vegetables

Cut out the fruit and vegetables and sort them into the correct group.


Tuesday 28th April

‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.

Watch the video above. Vegetables are good for you! They contain minerals and vitamins which make your body healthy. Can you write a vegetable diary, about what vegetables you have eaten this week or can you write a shopping list for your parents to get some new vegetables for you to taste and try?

Cress Egg Head

Watch the powerpoint and make a ‘Cress Egg Head.’

Where in the world do your vegetables come from?

Watch the powerpoint about Mrs Tomes’ shopping bag, and the powerpoint, ‘How and Where do Vegetables grow?’




Wednesday 29th April 2020

Ireland Dairy Farm update

I hope you have enjoyed the photos from Ireland. The new spring lambs, the feeding of the calves and the spectacular alpaca.

Pizza Face vegetables

Do you like my pizza face made out of vegetables? He’ll be yummy to eat too! How many different vegetables can you include on your pizza face?

Veggie Friends

Watch the video of my new friend, Mr Aubergine and Mrs Pepper. Can you make some veggie friends? Can you create a little story that they are involved in? I think I might take my friends camping…….let’s see what happens tomorrow!

Salt dough farm animals

If you have some flour in the house, you can make salt dough, and then have a go at making some farm animals. Once it has dried you can paint your completed animals

Salt dough recipe

2 cups of flour   

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water

Mix, Mix, Mix!

Can you make some animals



Thursday 30th April

Cooking- Vegetable soup

In Oliver’s Vegetables he makes pea soup, can you have a go at making soup from vegetables. I love making parsnip soup at home, but you can make soup from any type of vegetables. Have a go, and let me know what it tastes like!

Poem of the week

Watch the video clip for today, can you learn the poem, ‘Five Little Peas in a….’

Use your Veggie People

I have had Veggie People telling jokes, sunbathing and skiing! I have been doing a short story about Veggie friends, this should be released soon. What can you make your Veggie People do?

Farm Numeracy problem

Sometimes in Maths, we get them to choose their activity: Easy (Bronze) Medium (Silver) and Hard (Gold). There is that opportunity today. I suggest to do today’s problems you get them a piece of paper to draw out the problem

This is my farm:


I have 2 horses, 3 cows, 1 dog, 3 hens and 2 pigs


I have 3 horses, 5 cows, 1 dog, 4 hens and 3 pigs.


I have 6 horses, 10 cows, 2 dogs, 4 hens and 5 pigs

How many tails do I have on my farm?

How many eyes do I have on my farm?

How many heads do I have on my farm?

How many legs do I have on my farm?


Friday 1st May

You are all working so hard. Thank you for all the amazing photos and comments about work that you have loaded onto Tapestry! I have posted a variety of photos so everyone can see what their friends are up too.  Do also watch the video from about the goats on the Dairy Farm in Ireland and there are even some chickens at the end!

A book closely connected with vegetables is, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. This is a great book to read is you have a version of it at home, or does your child already know it. Can they tell you the main parts of the story?

Lots of you have started to grow your own vegetables, can you talk about what the vegetables need to grow? A fun activity if you can get hold of some beans is to plant them in a class jar and watch their roots and shoots grow.

Instructions: Get a glass jar and put ‘snugly’ around the edge kitchen roll or blotting paper.                                                             Place the beans between the paper and the jar.    Put some water in the bottom of the jar and watch the paper towel soak up the water. Watch your beans sprout through the glass jar.




How are you Cress Egg Heads doing?

This is my Egg,

One of our pupils had the idea to make a Chive Porcupine. She used a potato and scooped out the middle. Then she added a face and legs. She then added compost into the bodies and sowed some chive seeds which should grow into porcupine spikes.

Adding and Subtracting Vegetables

Watch the video above, can your child show you some addition and subtraction sentences using vegetables?

Photos from a Dairy Farm in Ireland- from one of our parents.

New lambs in the field

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Goats and chickens

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Dairy Farm, Ireland

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