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Week 4

Sorry for the delay with Week 4 round up, I hadn't realised it hadn't uploaded! 


This week has been another busy one!

We have been budding Scientists by investigating materials and making predictions about which ones we think will be waterproof and then testing them using pipettes and water. We found out that the plastic bags, the tin foil and the bubble wrap were waterproof. As a proper scientist it is important to look at the results and think about our conclusions so that was our next step. We also thought about the difference between something being water resistant and waterproof. Can you find any waterproof materials at home? 


We had a very exciting delivery on Monday morning - a letter from Little Red Reading Hood!! She wrote to the children asking for their help. Thankfully we had been doing some amazing descriptive writing on the Big Bad Wolf, so we were well equipped to make some WANTED posters and put these around school asking people to look out for the pesky creature! Some of us even asked Mrs Griffith if she could install CCTV in the classroom just in case! So if you do see this character around Sunningdale do let us know! 



In RE we have been looking at the story of The Paralysed Man and we have talked about kindness. The question we have thought about was 'Is it possible to be kind to everyone all of the time?'

Maybe have this discussion over dinner!