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week 4

 Hi Everyone,

This week has been as busy as ever with lots of fun, games, playing and laughter whilst learning! 

The children have been learning about castles and what are the main features of a castle. They have have sequenced the events of the story 'The Queen's Knickers'. They have been writing in their diaries independently and trying really hard to include a capital letter to start a sentence and a full stop to finish. They have been on a nature walk to see, hear, feel and smell the natutre all around us. In Forest school, they have collected various natural items with a friend, counted how many, then made a pattern. They have continued various number activities in the classroom and have been playing Bingo, Snakes and Ladders and Dominoes. In Science, they have learnt that some materials are waterproof and others are absorbent while trying to Protect Snow White from her stepmother's poisionous water srpay.

Buddies too has been another big hit, sharing their favourite stories. Wow! So much in one week.