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week 2

Introducing this weeks Mathemagician!! 

Can you fit 25 things into a small pot? Millie thought outside the box and realised she could only fit 4 giant googly eyes so used 21 smaller ones! Well done Millie.  

Well done Year 1 for your first full week back! We have had already done so much - you deserve a rest this weekend!

This week we have learnt that full stops are like red traffic lights because when we see them we must always STOP!  We had a lot of fun writing our own sentences and using red play-doh for full stops. We then used our sentences to play a version of Chinese Whispers.  


We hope you enjoy looking through a small selection of the weeks photos - we apologise if we haven't captured each child each time.  


Talking Homework this week - in general, to be completed on a walk, in the car, anywhere!!! 


Please sort some household materials!!

Whilst tidying your bedrooms or playrooms, can you sort the toys into piles of wood, plastic, fabric, metal and china? Or when unloading the dishwasher, can you organise into groups of glass, plastic, metal, china and wood? 


Could your kettle be made of chocolate? Why not?

Could your bed be made of jelly? Why not?

Could your chair be made of paper? Why not?


Thank you!! x