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Week 1 - March 23rd

Dear Class 3,


I hope you all have had a good weekend and are ready to learn from home.  I have attached a curriculum grid with some ideas for you to complete at home.  This is by no means a MUST complete list - simply ideas if you would like some structure to your week.  


A good start to the day would be getting the children moving with Joe Wicks at 9am for 30 mins on his Body Coach YOUTUBE channel.  Reading and maths fluency is important so try and do 15 minutes of each daily.  Involve the children in cleaning, cooking, gardening.  It's all learning smiley


Be kind to one another and stay safe!



Mrs Barnes

Monday 23rd March 2020


  • Exercise with Joe Wicks - YouTube - The Body Coach TV @9am for 30 minutes.
  • Design a front cover for your diary and write an introduction about why you are writing a daily diary.
    • In your diary describe how you feel today, the best/worst/funniest thing of the day, what did you learn, how did you make a difference, what do you wonder?
  • Choose 10 words from spellodrome.
    • Write 2 sentences a day using a word from the 10 you have chosen.  Make them interesting.
  • Count up to 100 in 5's and back to start
    • With a ruler - measure the length of objects around the house.  Can you record in cm and then mm.

Tuesday 24th March

Morning Class 3... the sun is out and it's a beautiful day!  I've been for my run already...


Lots of you went on bug club yesterday so really well done ( I am checking!) the bug needs to be clicked and answered so I see how well you are doing (it is green and on random pages in the book).


Mrs Hunt and I did Joe Wicks yesterday - it is good!  Make sure you have water beside you (little sips!) and have a go today.

  • Keeping maths facts on the tip of your tongue is a really useful skill to have.  Choose one of these to practise today.  x3, x4 or x8, mentally adding or subtracting single digits.
  • Choose one of the Once upon a picture stories and follow the instructions on the timetable.
  • Start your world map!


Keep on smiling and being kind to one another :)


Mrs Barnes