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HTPS Morning Worship 8 27th January 2021

This week we continue to learn about wisdom and the wisdom of King Solomon. Revd Jon, Ralph and Forrest come to you from Holy Trinity Church.

Wednesday welcome and Mr Tricky visits!

A rocket poem

A chance to see some of your amazing rockets whilst learning a rocket poem.

Welcome to Wednesday


Begin the day by joining the rest of the school and watching Rev Jon leading Collective Worship.


Joe Wicks is leading his PE session this morning, join him on his you tube channel.


Watch the Wednesday welcome and phonics video above, learning tricky words. Do the 'Winter Washing Line' powerpoint below to work on learning the tricky words we have learnt so far.



Watch the White Rose Maths lesson: Composition of numbers to 5.


In your packs are the equipment you need to make a rocket launcher. Follow the instructions in the powerpoint below. On the last slide are some tasks to extend your thinking!


Understanding the World

For my story you need to know about the different watch the powerpoint below explaining to you the planets in our solar system! There is a space dictionary sheet in the packs coming home for you to find the different planets I have talked about! 

Sorry...the story book still isn't quite finished!!! It will be published tomorrow!



Planets video