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Wednesday welcome and Mr Tricky

Hold a sentence

Wednesday story time

Learning about endangered animals

Wednesday Days of the Week

Jasper's Beanstalk

Author: Nick Butterworth and Mick InkpenRead by: Matthew WillsherTo buy a copy visit: tale of a cat called Jasper and his quest to...

Wednesday Welcome

Listen to the welcome video. Mr Tricky is running through his tricky words.

You will need a whiteboard and pen to write his tricky sentence.



We are talking about days of the week. You will need to watch the you tube story of Jasper's Beanstalks first and then the Maths video above.

Can you order the days of the week and draw what happens in each day, I know it is hard at the moment with COVID, but remember Thursday is PE day, Friday is Forest School, do you have any clubs you will be going back to?



Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Wild

Harry goes to the safari park and then learns that even if you are small you can make a difference.

Can you find out about some endangered animals. Can you make a poster?