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W/C 8th June

Friday 12th June




I hope we have all had a nice week. I know it is getting really tricky for some of you to keep up all the hardwork and effort you're putting in to learning at home, try to keep doing bits where you can - every little helps!! We all have times where we find it harder to get motivated than others, but often just picking up the pencil is the hardest bit! You could even give yourself a pen license at home and get yourself a special pen. 

I am so so proud of you all.

Did anyone watch the videos I put on yesterday about the Titanic? I found some of the stories about the people on board really interesting and I found out quite a few things I didn't know! 


Today, please 'mop up' any bits of work that are unfinished or that you haven't had a chance to do and then the most important thing to do is..... PLAY!!


Have a great weekend

Miss Prince


P.S. Your Titanic models are looking AMAZING!! Thank you for photos so far - I have made a separate folder on the main page to add them all to :-)


The Titanic has sunk in Sunningdale!!

Thursday 11th June


Good morning Class 2


I have received quite a few more emails and photos today after my plea so thank you!! :-) 

Today I would like you to watch this video below. In ordinary times, I would have taken you to Southampton this term on a school trip to the SeaCity Titanic museum but these aren't ordinary times as we know! Thankfully they have made this video which is really informative. Maybe try and make some notes about facts or figures they tell you. Keep going with the other things I have added to the folders, including the next part of Samson's Titanic Journey (in the reading folder!) but remember grown ups - it's only a suggestion!! 


Take care

Miss Prince



Titanic- The Basics

SeaCity's Andy Skinner gives the basics of the Titanic under 2 minutes! I

SeaCity Southampton's Titanic Story Tour

Join our learning officer Andy on an exclusive tour of SeaCity Museum's Titanic exhibition.

Hello Class 2

Wednesday 10th June 


Morning everyone


Thank you again to Orla for taking the time to share her video with us yesterday. Jacob sent me a video which he would like to share with everyone too (see below!) - thank you Jacob. 

Today I would like you to finish any thing you need to that you have started at the beginning of the week. I have put up some new things in the Science folder: two experiments and an Arctic animals lesson where I would like you to create a poster. I have also put the link in there to watch David Attenborough's Frozen Planet. There are some new activities in the Titanic folder too.

Tomorrow I will put the next instalment of Samson's Titanic Journey with some more questions for you to answer. 


Have a great day

Miss Prince

Jacob's sea dragons!!

Tuesday 9th June


Hi Class 2 blush


I have a treat for you today - Orla and her daddy have made a video for you all about Ornithology this is the study of birds! Orla wrote the script for the video and I really enjoyed learning about lots of different types of bird, so thank you!  

Thank you for the photos I have received already this week. I have updated the photo gallery for you to see your friends. 


Have a lovely day

Miss Prince 

Orla - bird lesson

Monday 8th June


Good morning everybody!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend (despite the rain!). Today is World Ocean Day and so I have chosen a few activities from this website to do 

Feel free to do any that take your fancy, don't be restricted by me! 


Titanic: this week I would like you to start to plan to build your own Titanic model. You will need to collect cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, tubes etc and you might find masking tape useful as you can paint over this. It may be a work in progress and take you longer than just this week - that is absolutely fine! Take your time. Findlay had a head start as I asked him to design and build his last week; have a look at his AMAZING work below:





As well as BBC bitesize and Oak Academy there is a celebrity takeover on CBBC at 9:25am every morning (or catch them on iPlayer):


Monday 8 June
Geri Horner: English

Tuesday 9 June
Tim Peake: Science

Wednesday 10 June
Marcus Rashford: PE

Thursday 11 June
Jeff & Zoe: Gardening

Friday 12 June
Heston Blumenthal: Food Science


Have a nice day Class 2

Miss Prince