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W/C 30th March

Friday 3rd April


Let me start by saying thank you for all the messages I have had enquiring about how I am and sending me well-wishes, it is so kind and makes me smile knowing you're thinking about me smiley I'm still not feeling brilliant but I am getting better each and every day. 


It's the last day before the Easter holidays! I know it's not quite the same feeling as finishing school for the holidays but it is a time for rest and relaxation. During the Easter period I won't be putting up my daily posts but we will carry on when term time starts again. You have all been so brilliant and fantastic for the past couple of weeks. 


I am going to leave a few ideas you may like to do over the next 2 weeks which will get you outdoors and should get your creative juices flowing! If you have your own ideas then do those instead - remember all play is good! Wishing a lovely Easter break to all our families. 


Miss Prince, Mrs Free & Mrs O'Neill





Thursday 2nd April


I can't believe we are in April already. Hopefully we won't get too many April showers! I have sent you all an email via purple mash, have a look and see if you can find it and reply. 

We have some exciting news; all of the art work sent to Ascot racecourse has been shortlisted and out of over 700 entries we have lots from Holy Trinity! I am going to post the link below for you all to log on and vote for your favourites. You can have one vote per age category so use it wisely - remember the winning artists get prizes as well as the school. Please invite family and friends to vote too.


Thank you to Orla for emailing me with her oobleck photo - this is what she said:


"Orla and mummy made oobleck this afternoon. We dyed it blue and it was so weird. When we squeezed it it was hard like play dough, but when we let go it oozed out of our fingers.


Orla says: it’s both a solid and a liquid! She showed her sister Kiera and we took a picture:



Have a lovely Thursday

Miss P x


Wednesday 1st April - April Fools Day!


Hello everyone,


Yesterday Millie spent most of the afternoon playing with oobleck and it got me thinking I could set you the challenge of having a go at making some for yourself! What is great about oobleck is you only need 2 things: cornflour and water. If you want to add food colouring you can, but you don't need to. The key thing to remember is it is 2 parts cornflour to 1 part water. I found that 2 cups of cornflour and 1 cup of water was plenty. 


Try to find out why oobleck is not really a solid or a liquid - do some investigating and when it is Year 2s turn in the newsletter we can fill it with our photos of this experiment! 





Parents - I know it looks messy but I assure you it cleans up easily and it will keep any age occupied for a while smiley


If you do manage to make some here is a science quiz about changing things:


Have fun and do let me know of any good pranks or tricks you play on your family!!

Miss P x

millie oobleck

Still image for this video

Tuesday 31st March


Hello Class 2!


One of the very creative mummies in Reception made this wheel with their daughter and I thought it was such a great idea that I had to share it with you! You can add whatever you would like to your wheel (Bug club, Mathletics, Purple Mash, Colouring, Art etc). 

I have added some more bits to the additional maths folder and to our main page. If you have got any requests or things you would like me to upload do let me know. 


Have a terrific Tuesday,

Miss P x



Monday 30th March


Good morning everybody! 


A huge well done for getting through the first week of a big change. Hopefully you will have started to get into a routine and are enjoying having your learning time at home. Don't worry if you're not getting through all the various activities and ideas on here, all the time you spend playing and helping at home is so worthwhile too! Did anybody learn their spellings and do the spelling challenge? 

I have put another weekly plan with some suggested activities and things to focus on. This would be our last week of 'Explorers' so it would be a great opportunity to produce a big poster presenting all the things you have found out about. You might want to do this on the computer or by writing and drawing. Get as creative as you can - I would love to see them and put them up on our page. 

I will be uploading a video this week so look out for that, I have spent most of the weekend under a blanket trying to get well and I'm nearly on the mend now. 

Have a brilliant Monday - Miss P x


This week's challenge: