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Please do let us know if you are having troubles with Mathletics and logins - there was an issue last week with set activities not appearing your end but we are hoping this is now sorted.  


We are continuing to look at a range of everyday materials, so if you would like to, please make a Materials Man to be friends with Forky from Toy Story! In your school bag is a plastic fork - (one material ticked!!) but how many other materials can you include and what will your character look like?

(paper, foil, sponge, fabric, cork, wood, plastic, elastic, ribbon - just to get the list started!)

Please email us with your finished character for us to discuss in class if you choose to do this project! Have fun!

Talking Homework:

Please have a conversation about our Royal Family...

Who is our Queen? What is her name? How old is she? Is she married? Does she have children? How many? What is her favourite animal? Does she have any pets?