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w/c 23rd March

Idea 1


Complete the Iron Woman task given out on Friday, which was to write a letter from Lucy to Hogarth telling him all about the Iron Woman and asking for his help.


Make your own envelope to put this letter in.

Idea 2


Write out your ten new spellings (accessible through Spellodrome).


Can you think of a clue for each one? Test your clues on someone -  do they work?

Idea 3


Draw, paint or collage an animal from one of the following groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects or minibeasts.

Idea 4


I have allocated you some science pages on Bug Club to read - ‘What’s Out There?’


Go for a walk.


How many of these things do you see?

Idea 5


Sit in your garden or watch from your window for a set period of time, recording the types and number of birds that visit.


If you’re outside, remember to be quiet or they won’t come!


Collect the data in a tally chart and then present it in a graph of your choice.

Idea 6


Challenge yourself to do a simple exercise for two minutes. Perhaps star jumps, burpees, sit ups, press-ups, jumping jacks, skipping with a rope etc


Ask someone to count and record the number you manage.


Do this daily to see if your score improves.

Idea 7


I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash, looking at how search engines work. After learning about this, you will be asked to create a leaflet about it.



Ongoing Idea


Write a diary entry each day, recording what it is like to not be in school.


What do you get up to?

What are you enjoying about it?

What are you missing about school?


Remember to include thoughts and feelings!