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W/C 22nd June

Friday 26th June


It's FRIDAY! Well done Class 2, you've made it to the end of another week at home. 

I hope you enjoyed the last 2 days of sunshine, it did get really hot yesterday didn't it?! I hope you all had suncream and hats on cool


Today I would like you to have a go at writing your own fact book about the Titanic. Everything you have found out so far.. Make a front cover, illustrate it, make it look cool!


I have been so so busy the last few days with writing your reports that Fing has got behind again, sorry!! I am in school tomorrow with the keyworker bubble and I will record the rest of the book tomorrow evening and over the weekend. 


Have a lovely weekend Class 2

Miss Prince

Thursday 25th June


Morning everybody!


Thank you for all the photos and emails so far this week - I know I love seeing them and hearing from you, I'm sure your friends love seeing you too! I will upload them tomorrow into our gallery.

Did anyone write a 24 word story for National Writing Day? I know Maya did! Well done if you did take part. 


Enjoy the sunshine today

          Miss Prince         


Wednesday 24th June


Hi everybody


Today was so lovely and sunny! I even got a bit red on my dog walk. It is only 3 weeks until we get to see each other back at school! I really can't wait. 


Today is ‘National Writing Day’. They have a #247 challenge to write a story in 24 words! Wow! We can all do 24 words! The story is to begin ‘One day…’. For more details go on the website


If you fancy it, have a go at drawing Sonic the hedgehog with Rob Biddulph - it is one we have tried at school before isn't it?


Have a nice day,

Miss Prince

Tuesday 23rd June


Hi Class 2 wink


How lovely is this weather?! I hope you're getting to enjoy it. If you fancied doing some maths outside you could add some capacities together with jugs of water. For example... 55ml + 35ml = ? 

Ask a grown up to write you some questions, get measuring and adding!


Have a nice day

Miss Prince 

Monday 22nd June


Good morning! 

I hope you've had a restful weekend. 

Thank you to Amelie & Neive's mummies for telling me about a lovely walk they have been on. Neive's mummy even drew me a map so I would be able to find it. So on Saturday Millie and I decided to explore. Thankfully the map was really detailed and after taking one wrong turn we found where we needed to be... and it was BEAUTIFUL. Here are some photos:



We saw baby frogs, a deer, horses, two green parrots and a ladybird! 


Have a great Monday everybody

Miss Prince 

Welcome to a new week..