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W/C 20th April

Friday 24th April


Hi everyone!

I have uploaded the first part of our new class story, 'Fing' by David Walliams. If you have it at home you might like to read along with me - don't sneak ahead though!! You will find a new folder on our main page where I will try to put a bit most days. 

Thank you for the videos I have received today which have put a smile on my face. I hope you have enjoyed seeing your friends too. 

Whilst out walking my dogs today, Millie kept stopping to tell me about all the various nature things she was noticing and it made me think about how I should take in all the things we are lucky enough to have around us more. I made a list of things I stopped and enjoyed today:

1. Birds tweeting

2. A gorgeous array of colourful flowers and blossom

3. The smell of a hot, sizzling BBQ

4. Cuddles from Millie


Today try to stop a few times and think about what you appreciate smiley


Miss Prince x

Jacob's Tik Tok

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Amelie & Benoit take on the Tik Tok challenge...

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Guess who I saw...

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Thursday 23rd April


Buenos dias!

I have received some lovely photos over the last few days so do take a look at our photo gallery to see what some of your friends have been up to.

I got thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk, I would really like you to try to either read a version of the story you may have at home, or maybe a recorded one on youtube. BBC have this great resource you might like to use:


 Then try to have a go at drawing your own story map like we do in class. You can make the drawings as detailed as you like and you can include key words like 'Once upon a time' or 'Next' or 'Happily ever after' but you should be able to tell the story just by using your map. Look at these examples:




If you do have a go, please send me a photo so I can share it with your classmates. 


Jude did this brilliant retell on purple mash:


Well done Jude!!

Miss Prince x

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello lovelies,


Yesterday I spent the day in school with Mrs Free! It was the first time I have seen her since we left school 4 weeks ago. We spent the day doing crafts, chalk drawings, designing obstacle courses, playing hide and seek and scooting. Here are some photos:







The animals were all made out of the inside of a toilet roll and the aquarium was made using an egg carton (I didn't have chance to finish it). Have a go and see if you can make yourself a zoo! Can you make enclosures for your animals? Or fences made from lego - get creative! Make sure to send me photos if you do have a go.


There is another competition which looks fun, follow this link below:


Have fun

Miss P x

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning everybody! How beautiful was the sunshine today?! Are you all getting out for a daily walk?


The timetable below sets out some ideas from BBC Bitesize. You may want to do all of them, some of them or none at all. You could choose things from the 'Y2 Armchair Explorers' grid as well or instead. This has enough things to last for a couple of weeks and I have put some of the things you will need below.

 I have popped some new bits and pieces in the extra Maths & English folders as well as a new Art idea. If there is anything you would like me to upload specifically do send me an email and I'll do my best to make it or find it for you. I have also set some new 2Dos on purple mash, thank you to those of you who handed in things before Easter.


As I said yesterday, we are focussing on 'Growing' this half term which will include; plants, life cycles, traditional tales like Jack & the Beanstalk plus others, measuring and of course our favourite kind of growing in year 2 - growing our brains and our mindsets!! Although we aren't doing growth mindset at school right now it doesn't mean you are allowed to use the word CAN'T without following it by the magic word YET! Whatever you are choosing to learn at home tackle it with a growth mindset and know that you will be able to do it even if you can't do it yet. You can show your families our friend Mojo if you like...



Take care, keep smiling and grow your brains!!

Miss P x



As we start Summer term, I want you to know how much I am missing you all and I am hopeful we will be able to go back to school as soon as it is safe.