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W/C 1st June

Friday 5th June


Hi Class 2


Today I am in school to look after the key worker children. We will be doing maths and english in the morning and then some fun activities in the afternoon. 

I have just watched this video from BBC Bitesize (scroll down the page) and it tells you about life onboard the Titanic for a first and third class passenger. I would like you to have a go at writing "a day in the life of ....." you can choose either 1st class or 3rd class. You don't need to write lots - just make sure to include times, activities and little details! I have put some example menus in our resources below. For example...


8am - Wake up and have a bath in my en suite bathroom

8:45am - go to breakfast where I have...

11:30am - I went for a swim in the private swimming pool on the top deck


What makes this day different to a day of a 3rd class passenger? See if your family can guess if you're a 1st or 3rd class passenger!


Next week celebrities are taking over some lessons! Have a read below:


Have a fabulous weekend everybody

Miss Prince


Thursday 4th June


Hi Class 2!

Well yesterday was a different sort of day with the drizzle and grey skies wasn't it? Did you still manage to get outside in the garden or on a walk/bike ride? 

This week I have spent time making some important phone calls to you all, don't worry if you haven't had yours yet... it is coming! Maybe think of some things you would like to tell me or ask me. It's been lovely to speak to you and find out how you and your families are. 

Today I have uploaded the next few pages of Samson's Titanic Journey with some more questions to answer. Thank you to those that have sent that work to me. 

I have also uploaded a sheet for you to colour the different parts of the Titanic - you need to have a go at guessing where the different things would have been aboard the ship. Remember as we have found out in our book, 1st class passengers would have been nearer the deck... where do you think the other passengers would have slept? 


Over the next few days have a look at this link which has some great videos and activities for you to do:


In our Additional English folder I have put some SPAG mats.


Have a great day

Miss Prince


Wednesday 3rd June


Hi everybody!


 I hope you made the most of the weather yesterday. I had a lovely day with lots of surprises and kind gestures. I am so proud of you all and seeing your video just made me miss you that bit more than I already do! 

Thank you for all of the lovely emails sending me birthday wishes and also the emails I have had this week sharing work you have done at home. Please feel free to keep them coming, I will upload them to our class page on a Wednesday and a Friday. Today I would like for you to watch the BBC bitesize lesson on 'habitats' as it fits in perfectly with our Science this term. 


Enjoy your day,

Miss Prince :-)

Thank you thank you! :-)

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning smiley


I hope you had a good day yesterday and it wasn't too tricky easing back into school work after a relaxed half term. 

Today I would like you to have a go at reading the first few pages of Samson's Titanic Journey and answering the questions I have written for you. You will find this below. I have also put a world map. After reading the pages I have provided you should be able to locate and mark the first two cities it mentions in the text. We will track the Titanic's journey as we read on so keep your map safe! 


Have a super day everyone


Miss P x

1st June - Hello everybody!

Monday 1st June


Hello everybody!

I hope you have all had a half term filled with rest, play and fun. I have enjoyed the weather and time with my family. 

Tomorrow sees some children in Reception, Class 1 and Class 6 heading back into school for 2 days per week. Until it is time for Class 2 to go back we will continue to learn online and our new topic is TITANIC! I am so excited for this - it is one of my favourite topics to teach and I will try my best to make it as exciting as if we were at school. I would like for you to create a 'What I already know/What I would like to find out' page like we do at school - you can either do this on the computer or on paper but make sure to email it to me so I can plan accordingly :-)



Tomorrow is also exciting for me... it is my birthday!! My challenge for you is to draw me a picture of absolutely anything you choose and email it to me for my birthday. I know seeing your artwork will help to make my day special. 

I have set some tasks for this week's learning below, I will add to it over the next few days. Our focus for Maths this term is Time and we will be revising the 4 operations. 


Have a lovely day


Miss P x



Timetable/Weekly Plan