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W/C 18th May

Friday 22nd May


Good morning :-)


Who took part in the art lesson yesterday? Thanks to Jacob, Neive and Orla for sending me their artwork, they are now in the gallery alongside some other brilliant work from this week. 


Thank you Neive for helping Cookie and Crumble solve their problem...



Super maths! They couldn't believe they were 79 years old altogether! 


Here is a link to an assembly on this morning which is being live streamed at 10:30am - it features the Bishop of Oxford!


Today is the last day of Summer Term 1 - I can't believe it!! Next term we will start our topic of 'Titaniclaugh It is one of my favourites and I know lots of you were excited about this topic. I remember some of you asking me if we could do it way back when you were in Year 1! 


Enjoy your half term break, remember to be kind to your families and have lots of fun.


Miss Prince 

Jacob sliding into half term like... :-)

Still image for this video

Magician Ernie is at it again!

Magician Ernie is at it again!  1

Draw with Rob - World Record Attempt! 


We all had a go at drawing the whale:




I'd love to see some of yours! smiley




Thursday 21st May


Hi all smiley

 Just a reminder that today at 4pm, Rob Biddulph (Draw with Rob) is doing a world record attempt! He wants to bring together thousands of people, of all ages, from households across the world and teach them how to draw the same picture at the same time. It will be an official Guinness World Records title attempt so we have the chance to make history... from home. The project is also raising money to support the fight against COVID-19. Go to his website to find out more about taking part.


PE/Get Active:


Have an amazing day everybody


Miss Prince

Hello everyone - Cookie and Crumble have a question...

Wednesday 20th May

Hello everyone!


Thank you to those that took time to vote! The result is down below... laugh


I was blown away yesterday by some of your writing on purple mash! I have put photographs of the stories some of you have written in our gallery - if you click on the photos they should get bigger and it will be easier for you to read them. You have clearly worked really hard on those, so well done. 


Calling all scientists!!

Has anyone (apart from Ernie!) been tuning into Maddie & Greg Go Live at 11am? You can watch it at any point afterwards too. This week they're focusing on magic and it has been really fun to watch. Check out Ernie's tricks he has picked up. Today's show is about potions. Thinking about this I would like you to have a go at doing this simple experiment:

If you don't want to do the volcano one, there are quite a few other ones on there too. Please send me videos and photos of what you do! 


Mental Health Awareness Week - Kindness

This week is mental health awareness week and the theme is kindness - they have proven how showing kindness improves your mood. In class we have talked quite a bit about 'bucket filling' and 'bucket dipping'. Can you spend the rest of this week being a bucket filler? Make a list of the kind things you do for people and also that other people do for you. Decorate this list, make it look colourful and amazing and then send me some photos! I will put some bits for you to print out if you would like them in our growth mindset/mindfulness folder. 


A few weeks ago Eloise sent me a video of her performing the cup song and I'm so sorry because I thought I had put it up... but I don't think I ever did! It is so great and it made me smile, so here it is for you to enjoy!


Have a great day

Miss Prince

Eloise - Cup Song

Still image for this video
Make sure your sound is ON!

Ernie has been watching Maddie & Greg - Magic week...

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Ernie the magician 2

Still image for this video










Thank you to those of you that had a go at voting - you all chose the same names!! Our furry friends will be called:


Cookie and Crumble!


Tuesday 19th May


Hi Class 2!


If you haven't done so already please do cast your vote on the link above - I will let you know the winning names when the votes are in. 

How gorgeous and lovely is this sunshine laugh 

I planted some more seeds in my garden yesterday - I have planted: peas, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, sunflowers and lavender. Fingers crossed they will grow... what do plants need to be able to grow again?? I need your help!


As you know when you are on mathletics you can click on and use spellodrome. Ms Harding has emailed me to tell me that we can now use this brand new spelling resource and below I am posting a link which explains how it all works. 


Have a great day everybody - I am in school with the keyworker children so I'll update you with what we have been up to! 

Miss Prince

Monday 18th May

Good morning Class 2 and welcome to a brand new week! 


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend? I had some brilliant photos through on Friday which I have put in our gallery. This weekend I have spent much needed time sorting out my garden, digging up weeds and re-planting our sunflowers into bigger pots, so that they can continue to grow and spread their roots. My doggies are certainly enjoying have us home more and love it when we are all outside as you can see! On our walk yesterday, I picked some wild flowers and have popped them in a jug to make me smile. Here are some photos:











I have had some emails asking about the names of the little green and blue monsters... I know I'm keeping you in suspense so keep an eye out because there will be an announcement posted today on the main class 2 page. 


Have a super day today Class 2 - remember the most important thing: be kind and be happy! smiley


Miss Prince




Home Learning highlights for this week:


Just another reminder for parents & carers: the work I suggest on here is purely that, a suggestion, please don't feel any pressure to complete it - if your child is not interested but would rather do something else (lego/gaming etc) that is okay! Whatever works for you as a family is what is most important. All I would kindly request is a bit of reading each day yes However, I do hope I put enough variety on here so there is something for everyone. If you would like hard copies of anything or you need reading books just send me an email and I will arrange to drop them over! 


BBC Bitesize have lots this week: maths (repeated addition & times tables), computing (programming & games), history (Rosa Parks)


Thursday: Rob Biddulph is attempting to lead the world's biggest Art lesson and break a world record!


Everybody Worries e-book: Please share with your families and read together


English: Talk 4 Writing - This could last you a couple of weeks if done in bits every couple of days (don't worry about making a donation, I have already done so)

 or this one:

Whichever you prefer the look of! 


Go Live with Maddie & Greg - these are great, fun and educational... there is one telling you all about how to make poo! cheeky


Oak Academy looks good too - their maths focus is fractions







This week in a timetable...