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Please complete the 3 set tasks on Mathletics.


Aim to look at Times Tables Rockstars for a 10 min session.  We appreciate that the children are not yet familiar with the multiplication or division signs but any practise counting in 2's would be brilliant! 


Talking Homework:

In literacy this week we have been talking about how to trap a dragon.  Continue the conversations at home to prepare for next week's writing! 

How would you look after a pet dragon?

Where would you keep it?

What would you feed it?

What would its name be? 

What would you train it to do? 



Can you put your arts and crafts hats on and get designing?!  We are asking you to design and create your very own castle from what you have learnt so far.  This is a half term project but we know some people will be busy with lovely plans so we are setting it now and asking for all completed castles to be brought in on Monday November 9th.  PLEASE try to keep all designs to roughly the size of a shoe box.  Space in our classroom is limited and we will struggle to get planning permission for 30 enormous castles!! Thank you and have fun!