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Tuesday Welcome and Phonics

Drawing Aliens

Tuesday's Space Story

Mike and Muttnik on The Moon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join the Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure as they travel to the Moon!

Tuesday 26th January


Thank you to everyone who has sent me 'Snowy Day' photos. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the different activities your friends have got up to.

I was so impressed with various Tapestry observations over the last couple of days...I think the snow day has re-freshed us all. 

I just wanted to share a few ideas that have come from you!

Look at this addition to the you can fly your own rocket!


Cara sent an amazing video of her spotting the Space Station last night! I have posted times over the next couple of try and see if you can spot it if it's a clear night.



Elsie made the best of the cold weather last week to make some spectacular 'ice decorations'. They look amazing!


Please begin the day watching the welcome and phonics video above.


We are going to try and draw our own alien today. I have made some suggestions on the video above. Do draw your alien onto a piece of paper or into your green, 'Special Book'.  Can you think of a name for your alien? Can you think of an adventure your alien could take part in? Does something go wrong? Can you fix the problem?


Mrs Tomes is writing a story about the aliens she has drawn...hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. Do listen to today's space story.


Do join in the Cosmic Kids Yoga visit to the Moon.


Moon Cakes

Follow the powerpoint below to make 'Moon Cakes'...perfect for a cold day and for taking on an adventure to the Moon!



Please follow the link below to the Maths lesson for the day, 'How many altogether?'