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Reading words on sight

Can you read these words on sight? If you need a copy of this powerpoint to go either slower or more quickly then please find one at the end of the page.

Tuesday Maths

Putting objects into pairs

Dinosaur facts

How to use a contents page in a fact book to find information






Now that we are doing so well with our reading, we need to be reading more words 'on sight' without sounding them out. So please go through the powerpoint reading the sight words with Mrs Tomes. If you need to practise some of these words, choose a few and write them on a piece of paper and put it somewhere in the house, like the fridge or bedroom door.



Watch the pairs video above. Can you go for a walk and find some objects that you can pair.

Extension challenge:

Can you discover which quantities make even pairs and which have an odd one left over? Can you spot a pattern?



Watch the episode below of , 'The Magic School Bus', as they follow their investigations about a fossilised dinosaur egg.  Imagine you could choose to travel in 'The Magic School Bus', where would you go? What might happen when you get there? What would you see?
Either create a 'Magic School Bus' at home and talk about your adventure or draw a picture in your special green book and write about where your bus travels to.