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w/b 1st June

I know lots of you enjoyed the Super Bugs work from before half term. Take a look at this 'Science in a Box' work that will help you to find out about how medicines are developed. 

If you'd like to enjoy even more science, then go to the website below. It is all about Science at Work. You can meet scientists from the past and present and learn about their work in science. 


Every Tuesday, a new video is available at 11am. This week you will be able to meet an engineer called Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Have you heard of him before? With each video, there is an activity sheet to go with it. 


Previous videos are also online. In these videos you can meet Space Scientists and Gene Cernan (the last man ever to walk on the moon). Speaking of space, did any of you watch the Soace X launch at the weekend? You can also 'meet' present day doctors or go back in time to meet Florence Nightingale. 

w/b 18th May


We're going back to thinking about science this week. There has been lots in the news recently about germs, viruses, bacteria and so on. But the more we understand about these things, the less scary they seem. Have a look at the lesson below to help you understand more about these things. 

Superbugs: Join the fight

Work through the online lesson and then some of the activities below. 

w/b 11th May


I know lots of you enjoyed finding out about VE day and preparing your houses with bunting! This week we are going to return to a geography focus, thinking about the weather. Below are three lessons you could do this week. If you want to do more than one of the lessons, this is great! But remember that there are quite a lot of different activities for each lesson so don't rush and please don't do them all in one day.  

w/b 4th May 


Did you know that on Friday 8th May it will be VE Day? Do you know what VE day is? Watch the video below to find out. Also below is a grid of activities that you could pick to do in preparation for Friday. 

w/b 27th April 2020


I hope you enjoyed last week's Geography work. We will come back to Geography soon. This week I'd like you to think about science

Read through the information about different ways of separating mixtures.

Have a go at completing the table. 

Mixture means 2 or more materials combined together

Separation means what technique would you use to separate the 2 or more materials 

Description means describe the separation technique


If you don't have a printer, you could draw your own table or use Word to create a table to work on. On the 2nd page of the document are word cards you can use. On the 3rd page are the answers, so no peeking until you've completed it! 

We did quite a lot of learning about dissolving in the Autumn term. Have a go at this dissolving true or false quiz. 

I have set some useful work on this science topic on Bug Club. You should be able to find it under your allocated work. Stuck with Bug Club? Just email me and I will try to help! 


Read the information about evaporation, sieving and filtration. The sieving document contains some questions for you to think about or research. Do you have any sieves (or colanders) at home you could investigate with? Could you present what you find out in a poser, leaflet or booklet? 


Candyfloss evaporation video - what the video and think about what is going on. Can you write a step by step set of SCIENTIFIC instructions for what you see happening? 


Watch the video about filtration. 

Bug Club Learning

Bug Club Learning  1