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Welcome to 2021

Phonics with Mrs Tomes

Practise our sounds and learn a new digraph /sh/.

Welcome to our first page on home schooling. Please do watch our two videos. The first is a general welcome to everyone and the second is our phonics video for the day. Once we get going we will sort a structure to the day that will hopefully help you to support your child. 

The plan for today:

I have set up welcome meetings for between 9am to 10 30am, please check download the teams app and check your child's calendar to find the meeting they are invited too. I have tried to do nine pupils at a time. Please don't worry if you miss the meeting, we are just trialling and see how it works with the younger children today, we hope we will be able to organise small group work through this medium.


Welcome video: 

Talks about days of the week, months of the year and looks back at Christmas.

Please encourage your child to draw a picture of their favourite Christmas present and attempt to write a sentence about their present.



Please try to do a short session of reading each day with your child.



We have sent out 'cut and stick' number sheets. Encourage your child to work independently on this activity.


Challenge week 1: Funky Finger

Have a go at 'spinning the spinner'. Record how long you can spin your spinner for on Tapestry and I will let you know who could spin for the longest time.


Pencil control sheets

Have a go at one of the pencil control sheets, can you warm up your fingers first? Can you make sure you have 'Froggy Fingers' on your pen.


Understanding the World

Oak National Academy have some great videos and experiments to do with Winter. Follow the link to see what they are teaching today.