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27 January 2021

Thursday welcome, phonics and challenge

27 January 2021

Space music and movement

Four aliens go travelling

Thursday 28th January


Mrs Free and I enjoyed delivering the packs yesterday and seeing so many smiling faces! You are all doing so well and lots of you are enjoying the Space topic this week....I think we have lots of budding astronauts.

Above is our welcome video for the day and 'TWO' new phonics sounds! So please watch that! There is also a section with a challenge about 'how can we care for our planet?'


Space Music and Movement...the youtube clip is above for you!


Literacy: In your packs was a rocket shaped piece of paper for your child to think about what they would take when travelling to space. Help them to sound out the words and write them in each section. Get them to think what they would like to take....teddies, dolls, favourite toys are a definite must for a long adventure!


Cutting: The split pin pets were such a success last week I have included a split pin astronaut to work on those cutting skills.


Story time: Do listen to the story 'Four aliens go travelling...'

Can you think up a story for your alien? Talking /Drawing your story is as good as writing it! We can't write it until we can talk chat through with an adult what you think your alien would like to do for an adventure!



White Rose Maths: How many are hiding?