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Thursday Welcome and Writing Session

Pet yoga session

Welcome to Thursday


Please begin the day by watching the Welcome and writing session above. Your child will need their whiteboard and pen for this session. Don't forget to send me your pet pictures of real or pretend pets or from your pet craft sessions or pet shop. I need them by the end of the day for them to be in this week's newsletter.


Phonics: In your packs were some sweet shapes with 'ch', 'sh', 'th' and 'ng' words written on them. Please encourage your child to cut out the sweets. Can you collect four teddies or four plates and label them with the four sounds. As your child reads the word they give it to the correct bear. At the end of the session count which bear has collected the most words.


Thursday is PE day, do join in with the 'Pet Show Yoga' session above. Can you think of any other pets that you could create a pose for?



Please join the White Rose session for today: Comparing Numbers to 5.


Arts and Crafts

In your packs are split pin Pet characters. Please encourage your child to cut out the different parts of the pet. An adult will need to make the holes, a sharp pencil pushed through into blue tac is best and then your child can put through the split pin and it is good fine motor skill work to open up the clip and push it back. Here are some that were made by the children in school today.