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Thursday 18 November



Read Chapter 2 of Tilly and the Time Machine. When you have finished, answer the comprehension questions about synonyms and the meaning of some words used in the chapter.  Remember: a synonym is a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word.  If you don't have a thesaurus at home, try looking in a dictionary.  If you read the meaning of a word, you might be able to think of another word that means the same.



Let's keep going with our subtraction! We are going to progress to subtracting a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number today.  To do this we may need to exchange one 100 for ten 10s (as well as exchanging our tens and ones). Watch the video first - don't pause to do the worksheet as I have something else for you to do.  After you have watched the video, try the questions on the different worksheet below.

Road safety


You may notice from the homework this week, that we had a visit from the road safety officer yesterday to teach the class about crossing the road safely.  I have a hi-vis bag for each of the children when they return to school. The bag contained an activity booklet for each child - if they finish it, there is a certificate.  I am attaching a scanned copy in case the children would like to make a start on the activities.



As you would usually have Spanish on a Thursday, your teacher has kindly provided me some work revising how to say numbers in Spanish.  There is a worksheet and a video to watch to remind yourself. Uno, dos, tres, vamos ...



I thought you could try something different for PE today - Yoga. Have a go at this 10 minutes 'Yoga for the Classroom'. Can you stand on one leg like the lady in the video?