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Thursday Welcome

Mrs Tomes reads 'The Runaway Iceberg'.

Welcome to Thursday.


Please watch the welcome and phonics video above teaching a new sound, /ng/


Fin recommended Andy's Arctic workout...which looks brilliant. Here is a link to it


Maths challenge

Please attempt the Maths challenge that was in the home schooling packs that were delivered yesterday.

There is also a 2D shape penguin for you to make to practise your cutting and sticking skills.



Watch the video above showing Mrs Tomes reading, 'The Runaway Iceberg', a story about two penguins Rossi and Gaspar and their adventures when their iceberg breaks and floats out to sea.

Can you use the sheets in your pack to sequence the story. Watch the video again if you need help remembering the order of events.


Arts and Crafts

Follow the powerpoint below to make a penguin plate