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Friday 26th June

Quote of the day 

Morning 4W! 

Wow it was hot yesterday wasn’t it! I wonder what you did to cooL down? Did you have the paddling pool out or maybe the sprinkler? It’s another sunny one today so enjoy! Today’s celebrity teacher is Ed Balls teaching history. Have a lovely day and a great weekend. 

Thursday 25th June 

quote of the day


Morning everyone. It’s going to be another really hot one today so enjoy the sun but of course remember the sun cream. I’m in school today with the key worker children and Mrs Puckett. We’re both really looking forward to seeing you all soon! 
have a lovely sunny day 


Wednesday 24th June

Quote of the day 


Morning everyone! It's going to be a really hot one today so enjoy and don't forget that suncream. Today is national writing day. You might want to have a look at the website for activities- A good opportunity for some writing outside.


William has some news that he wants to share with you all. He's just got a new puppy. Meet Sally below. Isn't she just so cute!



Have a lovely day everyone!

Tuesday 23rd June

Quote of the day


Morning 4W! Today is going to be a sunny one so enjoy and remember that suncream. Your celebrity teacher is Katie Piper talking about wellbeing. 

Yesterday I got thinking about music. I know some of you are keeping up your instrument lessons at home and on zoom which is fantastic. Do you remember the charanga website we sometimes used for music lessons? I thought it would be nice if you could access it at home so I’ve set you all up and I’ll be emailing you your username and password this week. Once you get the details you’ll need to follow this link to login. 


It’s also National school sport’s week. This year you can do it from home. Click the link to find out how to get involved.,in%20enhancing%20young%20people's%20wellbeing.


Have a great day


Monday 22nd June

Quote of the day



Good morning 4W and welcome to a new week. We are going to be blessed with lovely weather this week so take a look at the outdoor activity section on the weekly timetable. It would be really nice to see you learning outside this week so please email me some photos to


 There is no need to do all BBC bitesize lessons; I have put the ones I would like you to do on this week's timetable. It is national writing day on Wednesday so I have added some activities that link to this.


At 09.25 every morning, your celebrity supply teachers this week are...

Monday- Darcy Bussell- Dance

Tuesday- Katie Piper- Wellbeing

Wednesday- Mark Labbett (From the Chase)- Maths

Thursday- Isabel Clifton- Drama

Friday- Ed Balls- History 


Have a lovely day. 



Friday 19th June

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Happy Friday everyone ! Thank you for the fantastic work and photos you’ve been sending me. I’m so proud of how hard you’re continuing to work at home. Today my BBC Bitesize picks are the maths challenge and computing lesson. Your celebrity supply teacher is Kelis teaching cookery!

Have a great day and a lovely weekend. 


Thursday 18th June 

Quote of the day 


Morning everyone. I was in school yesterday working with the key worker children and Mrs Puckett. She said to say hi to you all and she’s looking forward to seeing you all when you return. 
Today’s celebrity teacher is Ricky Wilson who is teaching art at 09.25! Rob Biddulph is posting another video to draw along with at 10AM


The Duchess of Cambridge is leading an assembly tomorrow at 11am on kindness.

There is also a design technology lesson on BBC Bitesize about structures! 

lots to keep you busy. I’ve received lots of fantastic work and photos this week so thank you.  Keep up the amazing work and remember to always believe you can! 

Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett 


Wednesday 17th June 

Quote of the day 

Morning 4W! Thank you for sending me your work and photos of you getting out and about as more things start to open up. Looks like crazy golf has been popular this week as I’ve had some lovely photos of some of you playing that. Nikki Lilly is your celebrity teacher this morning at 09.25 with ICT so take a look. Have a lovely day and keep up the great work! 

Miss Wallbanks 


Tuesday 16th June 


Morning 4W! Hope you had a good day yesterday. I had a great day because I received some amazing news! .... I’m going to see you again before the summer break! Im so happy that I get the chance to spend two days with you. All of the details are in the email that was sent out yesterday. 

I went for a walk yesterday in Ascot and many more shops are now open on the high street. I managed to get a Starbucks which I’ve really missed!  I also saw people queuing outside shops in London on the news. Some of you also sent me photos of you playing crazy golf, meeting friends and fishing. It got me thinking .... I wonder what you’ve all been up to now lockdown has eased more. Send me some photos to show what you’ve enjoyed doing again for the first time in months! 

Hope you have a lovely day! 
Miss Wallbanks 



Monday 15th June

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Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I've set up a new folder with this week's suggested timetable and resources. Your celebrity teacher today is .....  Gary Lineker!  and he is teaching Spanish at 09.25 this morning. Why not have a go at some five a day today the login details were emailed home last week. 


RBWM Libraries have launched their very popular Summer Reading Challenge.  Please see below for their entertaining video which gives details of how the challenge will work this year.  You can read any books at all this year to take part in the challenge! 


Have a great day 4W








Celebrity Supply teachers for this week! (Everyday starting at 09.25) 

Monday- Gary Lineker- Spanish

Tuesday- Tez Ilyas- Science

Wednesday- Nikki Lilly- ICT

Thursday- Ricky Wilson Art

Friday- Kelis- Cookery 




Friday 12th June

Quote of the day


Morning everyone! My BBC Bitesize pick for today is the maths lesson about maths in football and the art lesson on classic paintings. Heston is your celebrity supply teacher today at 9.25 AM and he’ll be teaching food science- sounds fun!


Have a great day and a lovely weekend. 



Thursday 11th June 

Quote of the day 



Wednesday 10th June

Quote of the day


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today professional footballer Marcus Rashford Is delivering a lesson on stretching and warming up


Remember to email me your photos and work to 

Have a great day! 

Miss Wallbanks 



Tuesday 9th June

Quote of the day by  Adya



Morning 4W! I’m so pleased you are really enjoying our Greeks topic. I wonder if you've listened to this song yet and tried to learn it? It's a great way of remembering facts about the Ancient Greeks. 

Try to learn this Greek song 


It’s great to hear that so many of you are keeping up your exercise at home which is so important. Here is a link to an assembly with Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle.


Also I know how much you all enjoyed 5 a day when we did it in school so thank you to Mrs Neale who has arranged assess for you at home! The login details were emailed home and here is the link to the website

 Have fun today! 

Miss wallbanks 


Monday 8th June 

Quote of the day


Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of home learning. I know that learning from home for this long can be difficult and that some days you may find it harder to get motivated. I want you to know that it’s okay to have days like that and all you can do is try your hardest which I know you’ll do. 

I’ve set up a new weekly folder With resources for the week. Remember that it is a suggested timetable so there is no pressure to do all activities. You do not have to do all of the BBC Bitesize activities. Please just follow the maths, Spanish and art on Bitesize this week. For English and topic, I have set separate work which is based on The Greeks. 

Have a lovely day. Keep smiling, keep being kind and keep being you! 

Miss Wallbanks 

Friday 5th June

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Happy Friday 4W! I was in school yesterday with Mrs Puckett working with the key worker children. It was lovely to see Mrs Puckett and she said to say hello to you all and she's looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for sending me your photos and work. I'm so pleased to see that you're really enjoying 'The Greeks' topic which we will carry on with throughout this term. If you haven't already, then have a go at describing your own mythical creature today. I have put an example on the powerpoint in this week's folder. I know some of you have completed your Greek vases which are fantastic and I look forward to seeing more. Have a lovely weekend. Missing you all lots. Keep up the amazing work! We are very proud of you all!


Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett


Thursday 4th June

Quote of the day from Mia


Days seem everlasting when midsummer time is nigh,

Share your wishes with love and kindness and let your dreams fly high!



Morning 4W! Hope you all had a good day yesterday and thank you for sending me your photos and work! My BBC bitesize pick for today is the math's lesson on fraction problems. Sorry I made a mistake on the weekly timetable with the music and computing lessons. I hope you're enjoying learning more about the Greeks. Have a great day everyone! 


Miss Wallbanks




Wednesday 3rd June

Quote of the day from Max



Happy Wednesday everyone! The BBC bitesize lesson I would like you to have a go at today is fractions of an amount. We did this in school just before we broke up so it will be a good chance to go over it. You do not have to do all of the year 4 bitesize lessons. Please see our weekly timetable for the english and topic activities for this week. I wonder if any of you have had a go at creating a Greek vase or explored Google earth? Have a great day and keep sending me your work to...


Take care and keep smiling!


Miss Wallbanks 


Tuesday 2nd June

Quote of the day 


Morning 4W, 

The sun is shining for us again today, how lovely 😎 Hope you’ve all had a look at this week’s new timetable. I have set up a new pe ideas folder so please do take a look. There are lots of ideas and even suggestions on how to have your own sport’s  day at home! I’ve also set up a music folder (There’s a link in there to get your own Blue Peter Badge designed by Ed Sheeran!) so take a look. I wonder how many of you have read some of The ICKABOG? 
Have a great day everyone and keep up the great work! 



Monday 1st June

Quote of the day


Welcome back to the Last term of the year. I can’t believe I’m saying that! I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine. We really have been lucky with the weather haven’t we! 


This term our topic is Wild and Wonderful World. 
We are going to be learning more about the Ancient Greeks and looking at how they changed the world we live in today. The value we are focusing on is responsibility under the umbrella of RESPECT. I have set up a new weekly folder with our timetable and work for the week. Please continue to ready daily (this is so important), complete mathletics, rock stars and spellodrome work. 

I am amazed at the wonderful work you have done so far at home and feel incredibly proud of you all. I know that you must be so eager to get back to school to see your friends, learn together and enjoy all aspects of school life. I, like you all, hope this will be as soon as possible. Until then please continue to do your very best at home. Challenge yourselves, be kind to yourselves and others and believe you can! You’ve got this! 
Miss you all and keep smiling! 

Miss Wallbanks and Mrs Puckett